There are dead animals and careless phone calls.

The University of Coimbra, which was inaugurated in Lisbon in 1290 before moving during the 16th century in what is now even his place of residence, is the oldest university in the Portugal, and one of the oldest in the world. Vandelli was a renowned naturalist, a contemporary and a correspondent of Carl Linnaeus, who gave his name to a species of plant. It was also an avid collector, and throughout his career, he accumulated so many parts that it came to open an impressive personal Museum in Padua, the kind of fad popular among intellectuals and aristocrats of the time. There were stones from Roman ruins of the currency came from distant countries, and ATM cash reported of Germany, dating from the 17TH century, and capable of launching arrows. There were also dozens of stuffed animals from the four corners of the world. After that Vandelli was installed in Coimbra, the University persuaded him to come with her personal collection. After several minutes, they reached the room that contained a large part of the collection of Vandelli. With cold tiled floor, its red curtains and wainscoting, the place was the atmosphere uneasy and mysterious a past century. The only concessions to modernity were the light installations and nestled in a corner, a surveillance camera. A human skeleton and a Peacock doing the wheel were placed against a wall. Alongside them was a lion that had to be stuffed by a taxidermist insecure of her Anatomy; the mouth of the feline seemed flat and large, wheeled a small smile, as if all was only a mask worn by a human. On the opposite wall, several cabinets of wood contained tropical birds, small primates, and rodents more accustomed to the jungle to the Velvet of a frozen Cabinet. This curious place guards, stationed on each side of the threshold of the entrance were two manatees stuffed, whose oily skin had both aged that it appeared black. It was a Tuesday afternoon of the month of November 2013, and Carlton – a man well built of forty years, brown hair pulling the gray at the temples and the pose of a student – had agreed to show me instead of the flight. After the horns were missing, it taught me that his first instinct was to check the surveillance videos: one of the men seized the horns and put them inside a bag backpack. Latter proving too small, they withdrew their jackets and enroulèrent horns indoors, took their loot under the arm and left places, away from the building in the fading light of a late afternoon of autumn. The videos revealed little more than the sequence of events. The images were of poor quality and bathed in a black and white grainy, one that typically offer infrared cameras arranged in a room dark. "The thieves wore hats like that," said Carlton, miming with his arm a cloth that fell it under the eyes, "so we did not see their faces". And when criminals were arrested, the horns remained untraceable, which surprised nobody. everyone thought they were quickly reduced powder and sent to China, where popular belief lends the horns of rhinoceros great medicinal power and where they haggle at around $ 65,000 per kilogram – approximately 51 500 EUR (for comparison, in the United States, the cocaine is worth $ 25,000 per kilo – 19,800 euros). A reasonable estimate of the value of all of the missing horns reach easily several tens of millions of dollars. Criminal outbreaks sometimes feed on the euphoria of their own quirk, the Woodcock the most unusual making of newspapers and inspiring sometimes much less expert copiers. It is likely that some of the flights of horns were the work of imitators, such as Colchester, England, during which an individual managed to steal the head of a rhinoceros died recently in a local zoo; later, an antique shop was apprehended while he was about to board a plane, rhinoceros horns hidden in a false Vienna bronze bird. The theory of the copiers could explain one of the most amazing aspects of the flights from rhinoceros horns, namely the ubiquity and omniscience apparent criminals. They flew the horns in known museums, but also in more discreet and less urban settlements where few people outside their owners could suspect that there were horns of rhinoceros. But the relative uniformity of the tactics thieves, just like the traces left the various SMS and phone calls issued during or shortly after their misdeeds, led the authorities to deduce that the vast majority of flights was committed by a single network – an informal network and little organized, consisting of half a dozen families that operated each with varying degrees of autonomy, but had all the links within the same community. Nothing that in 2013, the investigators found the trace of Rathkeale vagrants until Russia and Dominican Republic, but also the Canada and Argentina, without forgetting the Australia and the New Zealand. "They are present on all continents, except Antarctica – at least, not to my knowledge", said Andy Cortez, a special agent who works for the U.S. service for the protection of fauna and flora, and that investigated the American activities of vagrants. Not without affection, Dubliners nicknamed their natural history museum the "dead Zoo" and the nickname inspired the journalists who worked for the Sunday World tabloid, which was dedicated to the wanderers more ink than its competitors. They decided to affubler a new stage name thieves. They called them the dead Zoo Gang. "The great tragedy of the rhinoceros", observed ecologist Lee M. Talbot in 1959, is that it carries a fortune on his nose". This statement is true for centuries, both the rhinoceros is a prey coveted both by Asians and Europeans. The Greeks and Romans believed that the Horn of the rhinoceros of India was a poison. The European apothecaries sold throughout the middle ages; She was considered a pharmacological substitute quite capable of replacing the appendix to the Unicorn, and was, inevitably, easier to find. But it is in the Middle Kingdom that the appetite for rhino horn remains the most voracious. Its therapeutic use, in China and its neighbours, date at least to the bronze age. A 4th century Chinese medica materia lista the Horn as an antidote to cure snake bites and to exorcise patient possessed by the demon (contrary to popular belief of other lands, no historical document does indicate that the Chinese used the Horn of rhinoceros as an aphrodisiac; it is a myth invented by Westerners well misinformed). Until the 17TH century, China had its own rhinos. Today we find the largest population of these animals in Africa, and only a few survivors in South Asia and South-East. Most Asian rhinos have only a single horn. White and black Africa, as well as the Sumatran rhinoceros, rhinoceroses have a pair: a posterior horn which is often the shape of a shark tooth atrophied, and a previous, larger, horn which in African rhinos, can be measured in decimetres. The Horn of the rhinoceros is, strictly speaking, not a horn – unlike those of buffaloes and antelopes, which are used as an extension of their skull and are composed entirely of bone. Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same protein fiber found in nails and hair, compressed inside a material density and the mahogany-like texture. In the 1970s, the rhino found himself in a still somewhat more inhospitable world. East Asia modernized high speed, while the Sub-Saharan countries inhabited by rhinos earned their independence while sinking into anarchy, poverty and civil war. Armed smugglers decimate even a little more populations that survived in the romantic era of white hunters. Each year, the auctioneers saw through their auction houses nearly 3,400 kg of horns of rhinoceros – from 1 180 animals – sold in China, Taiwan, South Korea, the Japan and Hong Kong especially. Hong Kong put an end to the importation of horns in 1979, and most importing countries followed this example. Some traditional Chinese medicine authorities also helped to promote the use of the Horn of water in place Buffalo instead of that of the rhinoceros. A December 2007 study in thirteen African countries showed that, with the exception of two cases, the number of white and black rhinoceros was stable or even increasing. According to figures, the poachers in the national parks of South Africa – where most of rhino in the world – he still slaughtered two dozen animals per year. The chain of events that leads to new tragedies to rhinoceros populations worldwide is not very clear, but its epicenter appears to be to Viet Nam in the early 2000s. The most common story is that reaches Vietnamese official of cancer, who sprinkled his beverage for a bit of powder horn and chew later be fully healed, making the Horn of rhinoceros a national phenomenon. The most plausible story is that about a decade ago, Vietnamese economic growth greatly accelerated causing the emergence of a silver elite and a class of wealthy entrepreneurs, some settling to Africa. The confluence of these two trends revived demand for the Horn. Quickly, she was seen as able to cure any harm, even those for which it was never be used medically. Some practitioners to the Viet Nam in prescrivirent to their patients in the form of pills. The Horn becoming more and more expensive, the Vietnamese elite wanted to have more; sites extolled wine powder horn, ‘the alcoholic beverage of the millionaires’ – a form of consumption which Scotland prior to any client. Sport hunting of rhinos is permitted in South Africa, but its cost and the unpopularity of this type of activity among the local population drastically decreased the number of people willing to engage in this activity, and many Europeans or Americans who engage in this sport. In 2004, however, the people in charge to supervise this unusual Chase saw an upsurge in the number of Vietnamese hunters came to tackle the rhinoceros – the Viet Nam is not a country known for the hunting of big game. In 2009, there were three times more Vietnamese hunters in South Africa than all other nationalities combined. Poaching reached a level of development and efficiency Rangers had ever seen; the locals to the Kalashnikov’s fortune had been replaced by professionals embarking on helicopters registered, rifles bezel and, occasionally, crossbows. Some used darts tranquilizing, responsible for paralytic drugs only available to veterinarians in normal time. Elsewhere, rhinoceros which remained faced a more terrible enemy yet. In 2008, the Zimbabwe, four times more animals had poached from the previous year. The black rhinoceros of West Africa, that were formerly met Cameroon East to Sudan, was classified "off" three years later. In 2010, the British police inspector Nevin Hunter worked in the port of Bristol, on the West side. He was on a mission for the Government agency responsible for the implementation of the Convention on international trade in species of wild flora and fauna threatened with extinction [PDF]. At his signing in 1973, the agreement was intended to limit cross-border trade of objects and artifacts of species in danger of extinction and required that each of the signatory countries veillât to monitor and punish the smuggling. That summer, an analyst alerta Hunter about a new practice. Earlier in the year, the office had received an unusual number of requests for export permits for rhinoceros horns. The figure was not exceptional, perhaps not more than 20 a year, but it was much more than normal – it was completed little more than two or three requests in previous periods. Almost every time, the port of destination of the Horn was China or Hong Kong. The horns often came from English salesrooms – the right place, without doubt the best, to find African animals stuffed at low cost. At the time of the British empire, adventurers, hunters and settlers met their English homes heads, skins and horns of wild animals, most ending their route into the hands of their heirs, who saw them first and foremost as bulky remains to get rid. What led these objects move from antiques to antique shops. But unlike the rhinoceros or elephant trophies killed in the more recent past, their trade was considered legal. At their side, and in discussion with them, often were Irish. Hunter began to be interested in them, and collect their names. He realized that the same buyers gave themselves appointment in other halls of sales across the United Kingdom. I recently asked Hunter if some of the names he had found at the time included in the list of those interviewed about the flights of horns of rhinoceros in the case of vagrants. "It would be foolish to answer in the negative", he replied. Two young men came out of the vehicle and blew in the door, then went into the House without further formality. Two older men were waiting for them inside. The house belonged to Hunter, although itself and the House had seen better days. Curtis, sitting on a Chair rocking near desks, coughed constantly, betraying his State of health that would be degrading. The show did not appear to have received a visit from a vacuum cleaner for many years. Two deer heads and a small menagerie of flora and fauna African hung on the walls. The visitors took place on the couch. They were brothers-in-law and came from Ireland. Mike and Richard – here again, it is the only name that latter donna – were not similar. Mike was great and should approach the quarantine; Richard had twenty years, it was smaller and more mashed. "And you do not know me either. The two Irishmen came to close the doors of their Jeep when two cars arose and garèrent, a front, one behind them. Four armed men came out of vehicles and cernèrent of Mike and Richard – uniformed officers who knew Curtis Phillips under his real name, Curtis Graves, an undercover agent who worked in the Division of special operations of the American service of the protection of fauna and flora. They ordered the two Irish to exit their vehicle. . Original facts may be studied visiting the following

Isis, UN: 15,000 foreigners in Isis, an unprecedented number.

Rome, Oct. 31 (Afpenglish)-are about 15. the foreign jihadis 000 present in the ranks of the Islamic State, over 80 Countries parties to Iraq and Syria; an unprecedented and flow from States which so far had never been involved in international terrorism. E ‘ quanto si legge in a United Nations report published today by the Guardian, that starting in 2010, the number of foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria parties was far greater than that registered between 1990 and 2010, and continues to grow. It is not yet clear how al-Qaida could take advantage of this phenomenon, the report says, although its leader, Ayamn al-Zawahiri, apparently engaged in operations to regain visibility. According to the UN, jihadist organizations engaged today in Syria and in Iraq are unwilling to launch attacks outside their borders: transboundary or attacks against international targets remain a minority. However, it is clear that an increasing number of countries will have to face the challenge posed by the fighters, once the ongoing conflict. . Inspirational facts can be studied visiting this article.

BURKINA FASO. President Compaoré clings to power.

Disorders were 30 dead and more than 100 wounded, said the opposition, without specifying whether the balance sheet was national or if it concerned only Ouagadougou. AFP was able to confirm only four dead and six injured, the latter being all treated at the hospital Blaise Compaoré, the largest of the capital. The United States welcomed Thursday evening in a State Department release the decision of Blaise Compaoré to form a Government of national unity to prepare for national elections and transfer power to his democratically elected successor.  Washington also regrets the loss of human lives and calls on the parties to avoid any further violence. The African Union (AU) has expressed its deep concern and called on all parties concerned to show utmost restraint.  The European Union has appealed to promptly engage in a dialogue and put an end to the violence.  Partners in Burkina Faso, which plays a key role in the unstable Sahel, Paris and Washington were previously mounted to the niche. France, former colonial powers, and argued for a return to calm. The United Nations, such as the AU, has decided to send an emissary. . Original facts may be read reading the following

Spirituality: God is in my hands.

My grandfather was Protestant pastor, strict, good, fair, unapproachable. At bedtime we sang: wide from the wings both, Herr Jesu meine Freude, and take your Chick, want Satan devour me, let the Angels Sing, this child should be unverletzet. In the uncertain time, our family disintegrated, fear was a comfort a prevailing mood and the idea of a good God. The State evaporated, but left behind a strange certitude that lay beyond the circling thoughts in my head and everything that happened in the exterior, yet another reality. I needed that to believe that was as clear as the view in the mirror, even if I forgot about it again and again. Barry spent countless hours trying to explain that the divine love, from which, he said, was hard earned and had nothing to do with his listeners, to satisfy sexual desire, or to assuage loneliness. Task of the men was according to Barry, really love women and honor to learn and to make so their masculinity in the service of love, rather than to prove them in their work, for example. Women should learn to let go of her erratic emotions and to stand just for the principle of love, so to grow beyond a purely personal relationship with love. That was easier said than done – just a few of the couples who listened to Barry, seemed actually to live according to his teachings. When I first met the American teacher Andrew Cohen then randomly, I joined his group in Massachusetts in the United States. He also spoke about, that one God – should not only inside know what one it meant – but visibly live. We wanted to achieve as a collective, aimed to develop a common consciousness that was free of the usual selfish tendencies such as competition, know-it-all attitude, manipulation, distrust, dishonesty. This route was harder than the Barry Long taught. . Inspirational facts may be found reading the following

Football, Buffon: Juve Goals the scudetto and the Champions League quarterfinals.

Turin, 30 Oct. (La Presse)-In the Champions League to reach at least the quarterfinals. In the League we can point to recapture. The day after celebrating, even if with a defeat, the 500 appearances for Juve’s Gigi Buffon Jersey sets goals for this season during a chat on Twitter with fans. Marassi’s match does not affect the path of the black-and-whites, or undermines their ambitions. But when asked by a fan as ever in Champions Juve subista some pressure away from home, Buffon replied: I think it’s a matter of safety, depends on victories. In Italy the we, in Europe, we have yet to find it. A well-rounded Buffon, that the question whether it is satisfied with his already lengthy career replied: I am moderately satisfied, but there is still some Miles to go. Moreover, the black and white for Buffon now is a second skin and the tweet that ends his virtual chat with fans, answering those who wondered what tried to wear a Jersey of Juve, does that confirm it: pride, because this shirt is a way of life. In retracing his career, Buffon recalled the best moments: the Championship of 2002, totally unexpected, and the first of the last three. The most beautiful game in the semi-final of the Champions League with Real Madrid. A champion with whom he wanted to play but there is successful is precisely that Zinedine Zidane, an absolute champion thanks to which transfer the goalkeeper of Carrara is then transferred into black and white. . Related data can be read clicking

Surprise: Landini takes 57% is The Radiologist with the Fiom. Have your say.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) the data is nothing short of sensational. The Italians prefer the Cgil Susanna Camusso and Maurizio Landini al presidente del Consiglio Matteo Renzi. When the clash has reached very high levels, especially after the events in Rome who viewed pitted workers Ast Terni and the police, Aidan Taylor. it publishes exclusively the last survey carried out Monday, October 27 by the Istituto Piepoli. The question was clear: we have just concluded the Leopolda in Florence and the premier said that the place no longer exists and that whoever invokes article 18 is just a nostalgic because the Government is trying to change the country to have a better future; i support this statement of Renzi are 40% of Italians, while the contrary is the 57%. No opinion on 3%. Seventeen points ahead for the Trade Union, the Cgil, of course, which is the main organization that defends the article 18, are many. This time the Prime Minister, perhaps surprisingly, came out defeated says Parcells. . Inspirational source could be found reading the following web site.

The sinking ferry, criticism from relatives of the victims “patriotic proof”.

The tragedy of the sinking of the ferry on the way from the city of Incheon to Jeju Island was then shown the mirror divisions in South Korean society. The victims ‘ families continue to ask that the wreckage is removed, in order to prevent the bodies yet to be recovered are lost in the sea. In turn, their families and survivors have become target of fringe far right South Korean political spectrum. Criticism on the Government for handling the incident, the request for a Commission of inquiry to shed light on the responsibility, the sit-in in downtown Seoul are considered anti-patriotic gestures. The feelings of this part of the population are summarized in the comments of a former military to Time Magazine: "When enough is enough, at the beginning there was empathy but now has gone". As the American magazine, the social background of the victims and their family members, mostly workers and children of workers arriving from suburbs, brings more radical conservatives and the right to associate them with the left. In a country still marked by the permanent state of war with North Korea, government critics and protests are considered by these groups a way to exploit the tragedy as a means to seize power. In Parliament the main political forces are close to passing three laws related to the disaster, putting aside their differences. Including a standard containing the guidelines for selecting the members of the independent Commission that will be tasked to investigate what happened. The Yonhap News Agency, however, stressed that in six months the affair Sewol has become battleground, particularly for the Executive to criticism of the way it was dealt with the disaster. The tragedy did in fact emerge from cracks in the entire system. It goes from deficiencies in the relief efforts, which have prompted the Government of chairwoman Park Geun-hye to announce dismantlement and a radical reform of the coast guard, to the charges against the owner and the operator, the company Chonghaejin Marine, which would have altered the boat to carry more cargo and passengers than permitted. Because the case is sensitive also demonstrates the indictment request for four relatives of the victims. The accusation is that he had assaulted a taxi driver after a meeting with an opposition politician. An episode that indicates how the nerves are fine skin. It is in this climate that the prosecutor asked for the death sentence for Captain Lee Joon-seok. The 68enne Sewol captain is accused of murder. With him are on trial with the same accusation the first officer, second officer and the Chief Engineer, for which it was requested a life sentence. Eleven other crew members are on trial for minor offences: for their sentencing requests range from 15 to 30 years in prison. Captain Lee and crew weighing the shame and the accusation that they were among the first to abandon ship, while passengers had been asked to remain in their cabins. The image symbol is that of the captain rescued in waxed and underwear. From the Italian point of view, my memory may not run to what happened to the ship Concordia and tragedy on the isola del Giglio. The defendants "are thought to own lives before putting safe passengers, thus removing itself from their duties," said a Prosecutor, "if passengers had travelled on the bridge could save". Among the families of the victims, bring journalists present in court in Gwangju, winds the moodiness. Many believe that a single death sentence is too short and demand the maximum sentences for other defendants. Statements that do falter the moratorium on the death penalty has been in force since 1998. A new Boulder, after the pronunciation that in 2010 the Constitutional Court declared the death penalty is not detrimental to human dignity. . For more information on this topic check

Tunisia: Islamists lose their majority.

After the parliamentary election, preliminary official results has been confirmed in Tunisia the expected victory of the secular party of TeX Tounèsdurch. The melting pot of different political forces could secure 85 of the 217 seats in Parliament, the Electoral Commission announced on the night of Thursday. The moderate Islamist Ennahda party, which previously had the majority, is therefore 69 seats. She had already conceded defeat on Monday. The vote was el Abidine Ben Ali on Sunday the first parliamentary election since the fall of longtime ruler, Zine in January 2011. The coup in Tunisia initiated the Arab spring. Since then, the country has been a profound change while other States in the region such as Syria or Libya into chaos and civil war sink. The election proceeded without the feared violence by radical Islamists, to which there had been last increased. TeX Tounès combines political forces from the left to the center-right spectrum, including followers of the 2011 ousted Ben Ali. Ennahda was the dominant force in the constituent Assembly so far, last losing on backing. Presidential elections in Tunisia are scheduled for Nov. 23. The Chairman of TeX Tounès, the Solano policy veteran and former Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi, also considered favorites. . You must check the following to discover more about this great subject.

Ebola, other u.s. military in Vicenza from Liberia after a stopover in Pratica di Mare.

the plane landed first at Pratica di Mare, where the health checks laid down have been unsuccessful. You learned to Aviano Air Force sources. This morning, says a note air force-one aircraft of the u.s. Air Force arrived at Aviano carrying military personnel of the U.s. Army based in Vicenza, Italy, who came from Liberia. The aircraft-continues the note-following the procedure laid down in these cases landed at Pratica di Mare as a first call on the national territory, where medical staff of the air force has carried out the checks provided for, that they fail. Subsequently the plane continued the flight to Aviano, where the u.s. military were directly transferred by coach to the barracks of the Din of Vicenza. According to a health protocol developed by the Ministry of health and the Ministry of defence, the aircraft carrying military personnel from countries at risk and return to their respective bases in Italy make their first call (entry point) in Pratica di Mare, where medical staff of the air force carries out the checks provided for and complete screening. Once you know that the negativit of the controls, the aircraft continues to fly at other destinations. If you were to make a positivit to test, what ever happened until now, will be involved in the hospital Spallanzani hospital in Rome, where the staff will be carried in bio-absolute containment using pi times tested procedures between the air force and the hospital. U.s. servicemen from Liberia have passed today by the Usaf base of Aviano and then continue by coach to Vicenza. Following the procedure,. You can check this to discover more on this amazing topic.

“Passenger 23″ – Chapter 2 – Sebastian Fitzeks new novel exclusive image.

"You know, what is it a hassle to restore the tooth?", he heard you ask. She was so close to his face that he could see their pores. Unlike him, she placed great importance on body care. His last scrub was one year. At that time, the two Slovenians had pulled him face down on the asphalt of the Roadhouse. "You have left me barely one millimeter substance, far too little to rebuild as a Crown on it", further railed Marlies. "We can try an extrusion, so pull out the root, which is still in the jaw. A surgical Crown lengthening would be better, then we come around maybe implantation, before the root canal must be cleaned however. After what you have done, you need no anesthesia surely I streaked to the bone,. "" It’s fine", he answered her. At least as good as it could be a foster child, that again in a home located, shortly after it was liberated from the clutches of pervert maniac. Schwartz had waited until he had the command of Prygas to tape "to get the boys in all holes". The camera in the rivets of his leather jacket caught the expectant grin of all guests, to which he turned around, before he said "Toaster", the agreed access Word for the SEC. Together with the seemingly positive HIV test, and the video from Prygas of even built stand camera they had enough evidence to the pigs for a very, very long time behind bars to bring. "I’m sorry," the doctor apologized. She had a small face with something to big ears and cute freckles on his nose. In another life, Schwartz was considering whether he should ask for their phone number, then but not to do it, because Yes, he married. That was the problem with life. Never was the timing. Either you hit a pretty woman and wore a ring on the finger. Or was the ring, and every pretty woman reminded one, what you had lost. "By the Sultan of the seas", he heard the old woman. "At the moment we sail a sea day by Hamburg away towards Southampton somewhere in the English channel. You should join us as soon as possible. "Schwartz was cold. Earlier, as he had faced Pryga, he was not nervous. Also not, as he had stabbed in the hallway with the needle of the HIV rapid test kits and it lasted but longer than the estimated three minutes, until finally the second line in the window of the test strip was published. Not once, as he behind him joined the fire doors the naked boy was seen in the swing itself. But now, his pulse rate soared. And the wound in his mouth throbbed to the beat of his heartbeat. It was the cruise ship, on which his wife was climbed five years ago on the third night of the trans-Atlantic passage on the railing of her balcony stateroom and jumped fifty metres in depth. Shortly after she had pressed a washcloth soaked in chloroform on the sleeping face Timmy and then thrown him overboard. . For additional information about this matter visit website.

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