Faith: fake audio, Farrell tried to ricattarmi. I don’t know anything about 70 overseas accounts of Dell’Utri.

‘ ‘ There is nothing real that Farrell said. Registration is Tarot. Is a convict, a Bandit, a delinquent. Cut and sewn a year and a half of recordings made on me and has produced these fake ‘ revelations ‘. So, in two interviews with Emilio Fede RepubblicaTempo, denies the authenticity of some recordings made by personal trainer Gaetano Ferri, the former Director of Tg4 about Marcello Dell’Utri and Silvio Berlusconi. ‘ ‘ I don’t know anything, and I didn’t say anything about 70 overseas accounts of Marcello Dell’Utri, the lace that he asked Samori to nominate in Pdl. all fake, ” says Faith. ” The sentence about money I said maybe in batting. I am friend with Dell’Utri, is my brother, but I don’t think I have 70 accounts abroad, and his ‘ business ‘. ‘ ‘ I am the victim. -Last may-says Faith-I signed a complaint: slander and serious threats. He had come to offer me your recordings, obviously for ricattarmi. I sent him to that country. Then it went from Saini, Director of ‘ who ‘, and ‘ arsed ‘. Faith speaks of his relationship with irons. ‘ ‘ I met him in 2012. I came to seek in the newsroom. Was just out of jail. Was with his partner, one with a name that brings fear. I won’t say who he is, I really want to skin. Told me he needed help, he was released from a drug trip, ” she says. ‘ ‘ I took him to the gym to Porta Venezia, in Milan, then went bankrupt. He knew several influential people, I can’t say the name. And sometimes he coached me too. During the sittings made me questions, questions: Berlusconi, Dell’Utri, Italy ‘ Force ‘. ‘ ‘ Every so often-faith-continues the davo something. Two hundred euros for the Bills, rent, three hundred three hundred ritinteggiare home because she had to ‘ ‘.   . For more information about this subject click site.

South Africa: still high inflation to 6.6% in June.

The price for consumption in South Africa increased by 6.6% year on year in June, at the same pace in may, still above the Central Bank inflation targets, announced Wednesday the national statistics agency. Inflation has particularly fueled in June by the power supply (+ 8.8% year on year), transport (+ 8.6% over one year) and housing (+ 5.8% year on year). Over one month, the consumer prices increased 0.3%, according to Stats SA. The rise in prices, continues for several months, exceeds the range of the South African Central Bank, which has set an inflation target between 3% and 6% since April. The reserve Bank of South Africa table on an average inflation rate of 6.3 per cent this year, with a peak of 6.6 percent in the fourth quarter, before a mild recession to 5.9 per cent in 2015. To try to contain inflation, the Bank raised Thursday its rate by 0.25 point to 5.75%. It it had already increased by 0.5 point in January in order to curb the strong depreciation of the rand, the national currency, against the dollar and the euro. . Similar info can be found visiting

The 1.35 are far away: Euro weakness is permanent.

The prospect of a growing difference in interest rates between the eurozone and the United States has pushed the euro on Wednesday to the lowest level since end-November 2013. The common currency is cheaper on the Mmittag on 1,3450 dollars. The courses to 1,3465 dollars were on Tuesday night. The reference rate was set by the European Central Bank (ECB) on 1,3481 dollars. The United States will raise interest rates in the coming year, says economist Ayako Sera by the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank. In Europe, we could see a further easing of monetary policy against it. In the United States economy and inflation put on, while the inflation in the euro zone because of the weakening economy significantly under the target of the European Central Bank (ECB) by just under two per cent remains. Meanwhile, a surprisingly strong inflation in Australia has increased the country’s currency. The Australian dollar rose 0.5 per cent to $ 0,9438. Inflation the Federal Reserve that in the second quarter at 0.8 percent. By Reuters surveyed analysts had only with a rise of 0.6 percent expected. As a result, the speculation about an early rate cut that we have seen in the last four to six weeks, are dampened, said JP Morgan Economist Tom Kennedy. . Extended information can be read visiting

Double surname in Italy: we’re almost there.

It is one of the most basic rights from those claimed by Italian women: give the double surname to their children, or the unborn child is the mother’s surname is that of the father. You can now also in Italy. The Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has approved the text of the law who, after the final vote, expected to enter into force definitively. However, speaking of a "change in Italian", need to be cautious. After final approval, the possibility will not enter into force immediately because the State will have one year to change the laws governing civil status law. In the meantime, we show our readers what will change with the entry into force of this regulation. In addition to the double surname, the parents will be right if only the child the mother’s surname, rather than that of his father. The choice shall be made by mutual agreement between the parents. In case of lack of consensus, will be attributed to his son both names, in alphabetical order. The rule will be valid for all children, not just to those of married couples. In the case of recognition after the attribution of the name, you can add the surname of the parent, but only if the other allows. In this case, it is also essential to the opinion of the child, provided they have at least fourteen years of age. The choice of surname will be also valid for adopted children, for whom it is intended to maintain the original surname, whereby parents can add an additional surname (almost certainly, though, to both foster parents). After the entry into force of the double surname, however, can convey to children only one of their last names, chosen by the parent. With regard to the citizens of legal age, you can add the surname of the other parent with a request to be submitted to the Registry Office of the municipality of residence, as long as the fatherhood and motherhood have been recognized. Attention, so you can assume not the surname of a parent who did not recognize her son. As mentioned above, in the present state of the law of double surname is in the House, where he suffered a setback due to voting arrangements, not because of the content itself. Until the law is ricalendarizzata (and the summer season could be another cause of slowing), continues the discussion between different political parties. Meanwhile, the reform of the possibility of attribution of surnames was requested to our country by the European Court, which had recognised as a violation the impossibility for an Italian couple to give the mother’s surname only, before the recognition of the son by the father. In short, a short double surname comes here too. . For additional insights about this topic visit resource.

French Ligue 1: arm wrestling city-OM around the Velodrome.

More than of mercato or tactical new coach Marcelo Bielsa choices, aficionados of the OM are concerned, three weeks from the resumption of the battle between the city of Marseille and the club around the velodrome just renovated. The Apple of discord broke out June 30, when the City Council voted a resolution fixing the rent of the stadium, now partly covered an elegant sheer white and ready for 67. 000 people, at 381. 000 euros per game, plus a variable share of revenues, is,. 8 million per year, 10 million with the share on the box office. Facing this decision unilaterally and totally unrealistic of the municipal Council, the only reaction I could have is you say that this amount there, OM has not the means to play at the stade Vélodrome, is was strangled the next day Philippe Pérez, general manager of the club. A few days later, he announced having begun the steps to play in another stage. Even if the choice is fairly small – La Mosson in Montpellier seems the main track-, one such prospect is a scarecrow for advertisers and thrilled fans, because three weeks from the start of the season and four weeks of the first match at home against,. Montpellier, nothing has changed. People have become aware that the situation is extremely serious, Judge Michel Tonini, president of the Yankee North, which amounts to 25% decline in subscriptions from last year. If the Town Hall actually apply its tariff, it goes straight to the financial catastrophe. It is the life of the club which is at stake, alarmed the president of this club’s supporters. Ten million euros requested by the Town Hall represents approximately 8% of the budget 2013-2014 of the club, which paid only 50. 000 euros per year, or 0.04% of the budget, these last years for the lease of the stadium. -12 million per year for 30 years – the Town Hall had justified this amount extremely low by any inconvenience caused by the work. But the Regional Chamber of accounts had lambasted in a report the imbalance in the contractual relations between the city and the club. And it was she who had advocated for the new stadium, a fixed share more than eight million euros, like what is practiced in other stadiums. What do not forget to remind the Deputy Mayor (UMP), Roland Blum, in charge of the case. The chosen stresses also the recent visit of France field, the Agency to evaluate the public assets, which must consolidate the rent of 8 million, even though the estimate has not yet been published. But for the club, the OM does not have to pay the choice made by the city through a public-private partnership (PPP) for the renovation of the stadium for Euro-2016. This operation, amounting to EUR 268 million and widely criticized by the Regional Chamber of accounts, committed the city to pay 12 million each year to its private partner, Arema, for 30 years. OM n? is not intended to bear the cost d? a pharaonic construction, insurgent M. Pérez, early July, denouncing the financial package inadequate and dangerous chosen by the city. It is from the estimated value of the building that is fixed rent, replied Roland Blum. Clearly, whatever the mode of financing, the calculation of the rent would have been identical, he says. Far away, so the million and a half yearly, plus a variable share proposed by the club. Despite these very remote priori positions, elected officials said serene: you can go to find an agreement. (. . . ) Must each do a long way, but will be reached, he predicts. Since three weeks, OM has kept an absolute silence on the subject. . You should read the following web site to read extra on this amazing matter.

Emilio Fede: Dell’Utri knows things that eat money to Silvio.

Look at Berlusconi what he is eating. Because he is the only one who knows ,. You realize that there are 70 foreign accounts, all of which refer to Dell’Utri?. And again: there was a time when there was fear and ,. They put Mangano through Marcello. The true story of Berlusconi ,. mafia, mafia ,. money, mafia, money ,. Berlusconi. Yes, Dell’Utri was virtually what they invested and. , Who can speak? Only Dell’Utri. And again: Mangano was in prison. I remember that Berlusconi coming. . ‘ did you do that? ‘. . . ‘ Yes, Yes. . I sent a message. . I told him to Mangano: always ready to grab a coffee. It was a message to reassure him about certain things that I don’t know. . And I must say that Mangano was a hero. He died not to mention. To say all these things is Emilio Fede, former Director of Tg4, after talking with his personal trainer, Gaetano Ferri, reveals hot secrets for the former rider. The tape with the voice of faith, recorded without his knowledge, was delivered to magistrates in Monza which, in turn, have turned to prosecutors in Palermo investigating the case State-mafia. . Similar info can be found reading

Dota 2 game: The League of extraordinary gamers.

They call themselves xiao8, Hao, Mu, banana and Sansheng and since Monday they are millionaires. The five young men from China are professional dota 2 player and the winner of the tournament the international, which took place on the weekend in Seattle. With something more than five million US dollars they cleared off the largest final prize money, that ever for an E-sports tournament. It goes to the players, fans and sponsors, that was just the beginning. Because what is already established in countries such as South Korea, should finally also on the United States and Europe spread: video games as a sporting event for the masses. There were always such plans in the past few years. But events such as the international can now really mean the breakthrough? The success of the tournament, which four years ago for the first time in Cologne at the Gamescom was worn out and since then held in Seattle, is closely linked with the success of dota 2. The game is a so-called Moba, which stands for multiplayer online battle arena: A virtual arena so the two teams compete in with five players like Gladiators, to destroy the enemy base. Each player plays a hero with special skills are unlocked in the course of a game. What sounds simple, is a tactically challenging matter at the higher levels. The 17 000 seats of KeyArena in Seattle were sold out in just one hour at least, although the ticket prices at $99 began. With a prize money of nearly $ 10 million, the fourth edition of the International was also the richest E-sports tournament of in history. But only a part of the prize money comes from sponsors, the community: for ten dollars donated the majority they gained a brochure with extras in the months before the tournament, part of flowed directly into the prize money. The more players acquired the compendium, there were more tools for all.   It was a clever marketing trick of the game studios and promoter valve, who gave the players appear, to be part of the tournament. Otherwise the Studio that operates also the steam game platform, invested heavily in its currently most successful game: so valve won for the first time the sports channel ESPN for the television broadcast. In March, valve released the documentation of free to play, which portrays professional players. The film has been available free on YouTube and gave impetus to the scene once again. . You should read this to discover extra regarding this great topic.

Bartra: ‘it is not easy to find an expert in defence’.

Five long summer has not signed a nato central Barcelona. Reconvirti in defence to a pivot generous and sacrificial as Javier Mascherano, and survived as best he could while ah not stretch Alex Song or that Carles Puyol’s failure knocking out the pain in his ailing right knee. The capit n, baj level behind left and time to spend the money, or the Fortune under the investment n, a type that meets the profile. A patr n suit, tie and shoes in which not all fit, and making the search very difficult. It is my third season in the first team, and such and as it presents itself, I want to offer warranty as to be prepared to take the step forward to consolidate and have continuity in the team, show my qualities and be one m s, explains the fullback, who has made a m ster in position and maintenance of the defence of Barcelona, something that must study qui n or qui nes to come in costume. The position of station in the Bar to is not f cil, and also to find an expert in the defense. You look at other teams and do not take risks behind s, trying to not play games from ah. That you a add that the defense should be r I ask, should go well back, must make the ball move,. are qualities dif easy to find, we will see c mo evolves the theme, warns. Therefore, Bartra feels motivated, hungry, at the same time mature. I’ve been through everything in the first team: don’t have almost nothing, to have a few minutes, then playing in very important matches and others that were not both. I am very mature, with much simo hunger to help the team, centr ndome in d a to d to try to get it in the first League match can convince technical t to be in eleven holder, indicates. By that, Rafinha, Deulofeu, Sergi Roberto, Montoya and Bartra rubbing their hands and recover the n. ilusi’n My first two to you as professional were with l. Hunger and the claw I have the cog of l, by training d a to d to, now that each party was a world and deb to win the site holder each week. That raises the level of the team, all rowing toward the same place and we have the same possibilities, coment the defense, who thinks that with the new coach all must pull forward, not one. Better-funded, in each training site we must win. Level t technical and practical t increases, as competitiveness. Adem s, l has not just seen headlines or alternates. There are many parties, so the best thing we can do is get into your head is that you there. There are players much weight that pull n ‘ truck, but all must paddle forward so that the team add, sentence. . For additional facts regarding this matter check website.

Iraq. The Christians of Mosul threatened with death by the IC.

On 14 July, two nuns and three orphans were released in Mosul after they were abducted two weeks earlier, a gesture leaving hope more peaceful relations between Christians and Islamists. In my view, occupying a city while an offensive is still in progress is a complex task, and eliminate the Christians is not necessarily the most important thing to do first, says Jessica Lewis, former intelligence officer of the armed American and current Director of research of the Institute for the Study of war. According to experts, the attitude most moderate in Mosul of the EIS, known for his performances of mass, crucifixions and videos and bloody photos on canvas, perhaps also is a way to not to alienate the other Sunni insurgent groups. At the time when hundreds of Christian families fled Mosul after an ultimatum of the EIS, Ban Ki-moon has condemned in the strongest way possible systematic persecution of minorities in Iraq by the Islamic State and armed groups linked to it. . Similar facts can be inspected visiting reference.

Airbus wants to climb aboard the Franco-British ucav.

Airbus Group wants to climb aboard the future European ucav. Because at the moment the European Group was not embedded in the Franco-British programme FCAS DP (Future Combat Air System Demonstration Program) led by London and Paris. Onboard, Dassault Aviation and BAE Systems have already obtained a feasibility study of 150 million euros over a period of two years from the France and Britain aimed at preparing a potential demonstration for a future Air Combat System (SCAF) program. Airbus therefore has the feeling of having missed a train and would like to hang up the cars.  This made by the British and french Governments is very good but I would like even though at any given time other countries join the FCAS project, told La Tribune during the Farnborough Airshow (July 14-20) Executive Vice President of Airbus Defence and Space in charge of military aviation, Domingo Urena-Raso. Course, the Germany could make a financial effort to climb aboard the program. Because, according to him, should federate budgets and efforts and it will be necessary that the industrial federate to advance on FCAS.   The french and British Defence Ministers respectively Jean-Yves Le Drian and Philip Hammond, signed last week at the Farnborough Airshow a study contract for the launch of a future European ucav based on prototypes developed by Dassault Aviation and BAE Systems, which have already developed respectively Neuron and Taranis ucav prototype. This signing formalizes the statement of intent made by the two Governments at the Franco-British Summit of January 31. Behind Dassault Aviation and BAE Systems, leaders, four other manufacturers involved in the project: Thales and Selex (Finmeccanica group) for electronics and sensors, and saffron and the British Rolls-Royce for motorisation. A demonstration of combat drones program could be launched in 2016. But the objective which is double is more long-term: launch a European ucav by 2030 and make work the same offices of studies on future fighter aircraft piloted new generation that is intended to be the sole successor of the Rafale, Eurofighter and Gripen Swedish to 2040. . Original source may be found clicking the following

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