Expired Locks: For me, this is like contract killing

Everywhere there are blackberries, wild roses and elderberry. In the courtyard, on the walls, in front of the entrance stairs. They grow around up from cracks between the overgrown with grass and moss, sandstone slabs, as if to protect the system with a natural rampart. And they have grown through broken windows long until inside [...]

Six Hours of Silverstone: Porsche back on the track to the stars

Porsche, with Mark Webber as headliners, returns this year to the highest level of endurance Audi automobile face, holding the world title, and Toyota hybrid specialist for a fight in eight rounds that s' fierce ad. The first round of the World Endurance Championship (WEC), 2014 edition, will take place Sunday at Silverstone. Six hours [...]

New “Daily Show” studio: Taa, taa, ta-ta-ta … well

While these exciting impressions yet been processed, comes into the picture, the wicked "media wall" directly from the future, as imposing as one of these trucks, emblazoned on their rear the sticker: "Mine is 18 feet long." Then already in the opening sequence enough space for four subjects at the same time, among which especially [...]

Ncd, “letter from 15 senators against Alfano risk splitting.” The party denies

On the one hand welcome Paul Bonaiuti and possible escapees from Forza Italy; other risk splitting feared by those who do not share the political choices of leaders. They are days of revolving doors in the center of New Angelino Alfano, dealing with the period perhaps the most complex of its short history. Cashed the [...]

Formula 1 in Shanghai: Ferrari without a guide

Much at Ferrari recalls the bad old days. In fact, the company era after the death of Enzo Ferrari. As team leaders and technical directors were changed as the football coach at end of table. Ferrari wore out in the period 1988-1993 five clerk of the course. Until you into a winner Jean Todt types [...]

Peace movement: Little resonance at Easter marches

The protest will be paid this year, including against nuclear weapons, U.S. military bases in Germany and the use of combat drones. In Schleswig-Holstein demonstrated by police count around 600 people in Kiel, Wedel near Hamburg and Flensburg. Several hundred participants came together in Lower Saxony and Bremen. In the Hessian capital Wiesbaden pleaded according [...]

Korea: the ship's captain arrested, deputy survivor commits suicide

"I have delayed the order to abandon ship because there were no emergency vehicles in the area," so he tried to justify the comandavate the South Korean ferry sank last Wednesday with 475 people on board. The man named Lee Jun-seok was arrested by the police along with other members of the crew including the [...]

“Hustler” publicist proud – Embarrassing Post: U.S. Senators get porn magazines

"We got a large majority in both chambers," quipped Flynt – because only 20 percent of recipients had canceled their subscription again. Others complained against unwanted porn mail, but without success. Because enshrined in the U.S. Constitution right to free speech includes the right with one, the representatives of the people "controversial" or "unwelcome" Views [...]

Bengali waiter killed in Pisa, who fled to Tunisia the second sought

For now, however, the sixteen year old is not considered a fugitive, but only untraceable because the attorney does not seem willing to apply for an arrest, instead precautionary measure which already been submitted to the magistrate for twenty-seven relatives. At that point, if the investigating judge uphold the request of the investigators Hamrouni would [...]

A new Russian cultural policy as a weapon against the West

The Russian authorities are working on a new cultural policy based on values ​​demarcating Russia from the West, a project in crisis on Ukraine as observers denounced as reminiscent of the Soviet era. This new policy, the drafting returned to the Ministry of Culture, is based on the thesis that "Russia is not Europe" s [...]

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