Senate: Longuet candidate for the Presidency of the UMP group.

Former Minister Gérard Longuet will be candidate for the Presidency of the UMP group in the Senate at the end of the partial renewal of the high Assembly on 28 September, he told AFP Thursday. Elected for the first time Senator of the Meuse in 2001, Mr. Longuet had already chaired the UMP group in the Senate from 2009 to 2011, but he had to give it up for the benefit of Jean-Claude Gaudin when he became Minister of defence of the third Fillon Government. L?UMP may consider establishing l? main element of a new Senate majority at the end of the next elections, stressed late July Mr. Longuet in a letter to his fellow senators UMP. Such a prospect is delightful but it will oblige us to a double effort of clarity and working within the UMP group, he added. J? am sure qu? together we can give to our fellow countrymen l? image d? a group political worker, living and responsible, he added. This mission, I me to feel capable. Having been several times Minister, Mr. Longuet also served as Member, Member of European and president of the regional Council of Lorraine. His Senate seat cannot be renewed this year. The Senator for the Hauts-de-Seine Roger Karoutchi also announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the UMP group. Jean-Claude Gaudin, Senator and Mayor of Marseilles, is not candidate for his succession. . Original facts may be read reading this article.

The limestone quarries: visit of the other French catacombs.

Exploited until the 18th century, the quarries are gradually left abandoned. But a series of dramatic collapses will force Louis XVI to create the service of the General Inspection of quarries (IGC), which still exists today. Employees are responsible to monitor and consolidate the more than 300 kilometres of underground galleries which are spread in the capital and its region.   While in Paris, the corridors of the catacombs are very narrow, in the career of the bois de Vincennes, the rooms are huge and very high ceilings. Inspection of quarries is the only authorised to descend. Unable to bring the public: safety standards would be too restrictive. Yet, walking in the corridors, it falls on some graffiti left by illegal walkers. The cataphiles always arrive into careers, admits Florence Cavallé, responsible for the rehabilitation of the heritage. But here we are in a confined space and most of the entries are convicted, then it is really very rare.   . For extra insights regarding this matter visit

Ivana’s story: I, precarious teacher nominated 61-year role.

Ivana Greco, 61 years old in January, from September 1, will teach, indefinitely, in one of the State nurseries of Turin province: I am an Italian anomaly, the threshold of arrival instead of role, but after a contest which assessed my skills. This morning, the Superintendency of Coazze, Ivana will choose the venue of his last job prior to retirement. After so many jobs, from used to the translator, the neo-master returns to his first love, teaching. In the 1970s, when the Bishops launched active school projects. I was working as an animator in neighborhoods. A wonderful experience that I then stopped to devote myself to the family. Last year I made a few substitutions in public school, and in these years I have been in the world of education. After a decade in Bolzano, where I did the caretaker in provincial buildings, I returned to Turin. Here I used and the translator, but by the 2000s I worked in private kindergartens. I’ve seen very different realities from the teaching model in which I believe. I don’t think children should be parked in kindergarten. The training in these years: we must encourage them, let him learn things through experiences that can understand. Although the materials cost and there are few funds is right to involve parents and rather spend something of our salary. Money is not everything but move from 600 euros in recent years to what I earn from September there is a big difference: pay rent and utility bills will be easier. In these years to round I also did the nanny to a child, Melinda. Now I will spend from one to twenty, quite a difference. I’m amused. I learned many things and put into practice parts of my experiences. Information technology I helped my son, has 31 years ago and the programmer. Once a contest has rewarded the skills, I’m happy. Five or six, but there I think. This was my dream and I want to work. Send something to the children. Watch them grow. For now I did some chatting when choosing the province, but we have no depth. I gave of her hit me a lot. I’d teach him songs by Roberto Piumini, can teach you how to experience the world around them. I will stick to national guidelines if adhered to make you rule the chaos generated by a class, but I want to start with an unscheduled. . You must visit the following to read more regarding this great topic.

The suitable means of transport – how to get to the Oktoberfest?.

Many roads lead to the metropolis of southern Germany. Who wants to go to this year the Munich Oktoberfest, should be now on the itinerary. The different means of transport have quite A few advantages and disadvantages. It depends on it also, the journey is planned for How many persons. We arrived at the main station in Munich, you can move further well with public transport. Unless U – or S-Bahn or the bus and the tram – there are connections to the Munich main and East station in all directions and in the surrounding regions. Sure, the journey by bus is a Very much cheap Variant. In any case, the different offers outfitted real price hit. Also here can the travelers sit back relax and needs to focus not on the road. Snacks and drinks are available on board the most long-distance buses, often also a Wi-Fi network and power connections are free of charge. The only Downer: the case of congestion on the highway. With children, such a situation can be a real challenge. Therefore applies here: the age of the next generation Pack enough toys, books, or the game boy. The bus station in Munich is the equally centrally located again. From here, one progresses well in all directions. The most ports are what can become the burden for children but again with the bus. A subsequent change of the means of transport is certainly varied.   . For extra information regarding this topic read

Beware of inflation data: Dax investors make themselves scarce.

The German stock market continues as expected In the morning its moderate losses of the previous day. In the first minutes of trading, the Dax down 0.6 percent to 9511 points. The balance of the week is positive with a rise of more than two percent but still well. The MDax lost 0.5 percent to 16 184 points. The TecDax lost 0.3 percent to 1250 points. For the euro-zone leading index EuroStoxx 50 it goes down 0.4 percent after. In late trading on Wall Street Wednesday and in Asia, there is no back or blowback. Also course impulses to individual stocks there is next summer doldrums. Lufthansa shares be avoided because at our subsidiary of Germanwings on Friday could be a strike. On the stock exchange is looking particularly on the inflation data from Germany, so a dealer. Mostly, it is expected that stagnant prices compared to the previous month and has risen by 0.8 per cent compared with the previous year. The data contain some potential surprise for me. . Main facts could be studied checking the following weblink.

In a Socialist Government, the social-liberal line always prevails.

Moreover, it is a compromise that all socialist parties europ ens long. Do not be brls. Only, until pr smells, there have always been a little growth and so could be both a supply policy and a demand policy. R sum, your social designed and lib federalism. But today this is no longer the case. The exercise of power, a Socialist Government must choose a line and it is still the social-lib rail line that prevails. But as we can no longer pretend, has become the issue of a domestic political battle. For lesfrondeurs, the Cape of the Government is really a right policy. It will be very difficult. I do not think that the Government can win his iron arm. Slingers and the starters of the Government will be d split. At the bottom, there is more respect for the function of President of the Republic, and thus for Fran ois Hollande. Will they have a suicidal e Daniel, will they go all the way? That is the question. But, for once, a dissolution cannot be excluded 100%. � . Related text can be read reading

Freedom of expression: sacked after criticism.

Last year, I began my work as Austrian Holocaust Memorial servant in one of the offices of the Holocaust Memorial Center (HDKE) in Budapest. Outside of work I have dealt much with the political events in Hungary. After the Government last October to commemorate the 1956 Hungary uprising staged a spectacle, I wrote about an article of reader for time ONLINE. Then, I learned on my own body, as currently in Hungary people deal with, who express themselves critically about the Government. On the day after the release, a Hungarian radio station mentioned the reader article, so even some of my colleagues at the Museum that were attentive. You reminded me forcefully, that the Museum is purely State-funded and I could so easily fall in inconvenience. You’re here in Hungary, not in Austria. Still other times prevail here. I waved him off. Who took it the text of a 18-year old foreigner? Shortly afterwards I was asked but in the Office of the Board of the HDKE, where one gross asked me to get out of here. After I had cleaned my Office, I could continue my memorial service to happiness in a different place of work, by the Verein für Naziverfolgte in Hungary. The Office is much smaller than the old one, and it is ironically just around the corner from Viktor Orban’s workplace, the Hungarian Parliament. I often wonder how dangerous probably the situation for professional journalists in Hungary is, if one must reckon with such drastic consequences as a reader writer. . Root source may be found reading this fact.

Icelandic volcano: away from the risk of a major eruption.

But if the amount of magma coming out is important, it will not go unnoticed. It can give birth to large and dangerous streaks of sludge, rocks, ash and melted ice mixtures, called ‘Jökulhlaup ‘. The meeting between lava and ice can also give rise to explosive phenomena called "phreato-magmatic" rashes that cause the formation of hazardous ash plumes for aircraft engines. This is partly what had happened in 2010 with the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull which had paralyzed air traffic for several days in Western Europe. The migration of magma may also continue to the Northeast, reaching another volcano, Askja, warn researchers from Cambridge. "It is a site more assets which the magma chamber will be easier to ‘wake up’ than Bárðarbunga, but it is still more than a hundred kilometers", relativizes Mathieu Gouhier. At the current pace, it will take at least several days, if not weeks, to achieve this. And it is a region devoid of glacier, which would limit the danger of eruption and its regional impact. . Extended facts can be inspected visiting

Cricket back to Rai’s tg attack: worth a American dictatorship. Maggioni: there intimidates.

Beppe Grillo’s blog again attack tg of public tv. This time with menacing tones. It is the parent company grillino in Rai Oversight Committee, Congressman Alberto Airola, to act against the journalists of the public company, with phrases from the violent and menacing tone: This rabble pay, maybe not today but tomorrow definitely, writes Airola. About Berlusconi and Bulgarian edicts: do you think that those outside the political games as we may have the power to oust an Orpheus any from Tg1? We ask that both fired, because tg directors such as Orpheus, Masi, the Berlinguer, the Maggioni, working for an informational system worthy of the worst South American dictatorship, scrvie Airola. Ask yourself why-we read in the opening post of the blog of cricket to signature of parent in Supervision-we’re at 49. mo’s place in the world, information under Nigeria. Ask yourself why the UN Commissioner Frank La Rue, for freedom of information, seriously concerned about the Italian situation. Hear a puppet like Orpheus, appointed by political parties, citing the Bulgarian edict of the M5S, against him, not just ridiculous, an insult to the intelligence of Italians, stresses the post denouncing as tg continue to spew national manure on M5S. They are not just outraged, are enraged by the blatant and indecent misinformation that exists in this country and how many citizens continue to enjoy the hoaxes of this rabble. Just believe these tg. Just hear the news of tg as that of Orfeo or Maggioni. There never give up-promises-and this scum Airola will pay, maybe not today but tomorrow for sure. singular that the attack comes from the 5 star Movement from Rainews 24 has respect, listen and continuous space, replication to the Ansa agency Monica Maggioni, Director of Rainews24. As to my independence as a Director and as a journalist-continues Maggioni-for me about my curriculum. rather the tone and quality of the M5S attacks reminiscent of South American regimes, but if the goal intimidate, even this time they do not have it done. We will continue to do our work in a serious way. . For extra data regarding this matter check

Despite Minsk crisis Summit: Fierce gun battles in the Eastern Ukraine.

The President of Russia and the Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko, had on Tuesday in Minsk about the crisis advice. Putin came here again on a fire break between Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists. "There are still many open issues between us. Putin said a solution we, the Ukraine and our European partners are interested in", on the night of Wednesday. A ceasefire could not choose but Russia in the conflict region. Contact for Kiev were the rebels, Moscow could build trust. The conflict with more than 2000 dead is an internal Ukrainian affair. Putin and Poroshenko had agreed an early meeting of the Ukraine – contact group in the Belarusian capital. The discussion forum could come together with representatives from Russia, the Ukraine, the insurgents and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Wednesday in Minsk. The Russia Federal Commissioner, Gernot Erler (SPD), has welcomed the conversation between Poroshenko and Putin. "Is that Putin and Poroshenko have met directly since the first of June, that is but a signal," Erler told Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) on Wednesday morning. According to the SPD politician, held talks in the Belarusian capital on par. There is no one who is on the road to success here and maybe that’s not such a bad background that it goes in the direction of cease-fire,"Erler said. Poroshenko declared after talks with Putin at a Summit of the Eurasian Economic Union in Minsk, that Moscow supported a peace plan presented by him. "The peace strategy for the Ukraine was supported without exception by all politicians, who were in Minsk", he explained. Putin for his part said after the two-hour good conversation: "Russia will do anything for the peace process if it starts." The Russian President also announced that he had agreed with Poroshenko on the resumption of the gas negotiations. Moscow had recently ceased deliveries to the Ukraine. The background is a dispute over debts and the price to be paid in the future for Russian gas. Also on Tuesday, continued fighting despite the political efforts in Minsk. . Inspirational source may be studied visiting the following

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