IS beheading video: identifies the second Frenchman in the executioners.

A second Frenchman has been identified in the most recent beheading video of the extremist militia Islamic State (IS): Mickaël dos Santos from the metropolitan area of Paris, it was the 22-year converts informed the public prosecutor’s Office in the French capital on Wednesday. The other 16 IS men who are involved in the video of the beheading of Syrian soldiers, are still not identified. In the video, published on Sunday, also the decapitated US citizen Peter shows Kassig, probably further Western IS militiamen can be seen. So, among other things, the name of the British was called Jihadi John; He could the man be identical, only occurred IS men masked and at whose feet the head of Kassig was. He is made already responsible for the beheadings of four Americans and British by IS. Dos Santos was born according to the public prosecutor’s Office in the municipality of Champigny-sur-Marne, East of Paris. His name surfaced in the fall of 2013, in connection with investigation into a jihadist network in France. Shortly beforehand, he had travelled to Syria. France is involved in the international, the United States-led coalition against the IS and again flew air strikes in the Iraq on the night of Wednesday. Paris is now still reinforce its usage as Government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll said. The Defence Ministry confirmed that six Mirage bombers in Jordan would be stationed. From there, it is closer to the location of Iraq than from the United Arab Emirates from where nine French Rafale fighter jets are based. . For additional information regarding this subject click url.

The France strengthens its device against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The France, which attends the Washington-led international coalition air operations in Iraq will deploy six planes, the Mirage 2000-D. The devices will be positioned in Jordan to fight against the State Islamic (ARS), or Daech. The new, which is not really a surprise, was announced Wednesday at the National Assembly by Jean-Yves Le Drian. "The French Airforce will be strengthened by six Mirage placed in Jordan," said the french Minister of defence. Now, the french will have a ‘pillar bombing’, since the Jordan, and a ‘pillar intelligence’ from Al-Dahfra. The french Rafale stationed at the water indeed prevail "pods" of recognition new generation (so-called ‘pod redco NG’), to collect information. The french device also features an Atlantic 2 reconnaissance aircraft and a C-135 tanker aircraft. Dispatched in the area, the anti-aircraft frigate Jean Bart pursues a mission of air traffic control. Finally, a french AWACS – aircraft command and control radar – operated since the Qatar for a month, between mid-October and mid-November, for a mission that could be repeated. French aircraft engaged against Daech carried out 20 sorties per week, including patrols armed reconnaissance and refueling missions. Their mission is to support action on the ground of the Iraqi army and the Kurdish fighters. Made from a base in Jordan, "flights will be shorter and more useful," asserts this on to the staff of the armed forces. Other countries in the region, Kuwait, or even the Turkey – had also been envisaged for closer french related to their area of intervention in Iraq. The signal is also political, France is being also assigned as objective to support the countries in the region threatened by Daech. Its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has explicitly indicated its intention to extend its "caliphate" in the Jordan and the Lebanon. . For extended facts on this subject click hyperlink.

The Echo of Moscow radio that is threatened by the Kremlin.

There again, the decision has been challenged by the editor in Chief of Echo of Moscow. As many acts of resistance annoying the principal shareholder. "After this tweet, I proposed to Alexei Venediktov to explain its position and it tells me:"Bas les pattes!". Created in 1990, just before the fall of the USSR, the Echo of Moscow radio was distinguished a year later during the attempted coup led by the Communists against the power of Mikhail Gorbachev. Since then, she has emerged as a bastion of journalistic resistance, claiming his professionalism. She has always been good, when next to her other independent media went out one after the other. Property of one of the main armed arm of the Kremlin, this radio allows today the Russian authorities display a showcase of freedom in a media landscape where dissenting voices are silent gradually. "Every time that you want fired me, I always advise my interlocutors to talk before Putin", said Alexei Venediktov, who does not move without bodyguards after threats were made against him and his family recently. Today, the editor complains about no longer met the leader of the Kremlin face-to-face for a year, possible sign of his disgrace. "The crisis we are experiencing is the worst in our history," says the Deputy Editor, Sergei Boutman. In recent months, historical radio listeners complain to host on its internet site, next to the writings of the opponent Alexeï Navalny, blogs written by close ideologues of the Kremlin. A sign, according to them, of a gradual takeover of the station. For their part, journalists deny any concessions in power, knowing however that their freedom of tone is less and less tolerated. . Extended information can be read clicking source.

P.a., Cisl public work: the 1/12 Strike, Cgil-Uil converge.

Rome, nov 19. (La Presse)-on 1 December public service laborers cross your arms, giving continuity to the mobilisation and the demonstration of 8 last November. The decision was announced by Francesco Scrima, Coordinator from the categories of the Cisl Labor audience that, asking to join the other unions, announced the request to the Cgil and Uil federations to converge on date to an action that represents the natural continuation of unitary action thus far implemented. The category of the Icftu points out that the strike, proclaimed for the whole day on Monday, December 1st, will affect public workers and private workers who work for public services: we will go to the streets against the indifference of the national Government and regional and local ones to sacrosanct requests involving workers and citizens: renewal of labor contracts, raise integrative bargaining, reorganization of Government, State bodies, real innovation in schools and in public services, certainties for workers in precarious and the end of dumping in private contract. But the action upon which the Union calls upon all public labour federations does not stop the strike: between now and December 1st will start a social mobilization in all territories and jobs: the objective is to put our welfare in terms of running and supporting people and communities most in need. Education, health, welfare, safety, research, assistance, employment services do not change with announcements and on-line consultations. Public services workers are the first to innovate them really-concludes the note and demand not only respect and recognition of their dignity, but also to put their professionalism and expertise at the service of change for the country. CISL. Extended text can be read reading

Confirmed in the courts that he was approached by the Mayor of Portoscuso, Adriano Puddu, who would offer you had of contrasts. Geraldine Giovanni, witness for the prosecution, he answered questions of the pm process Daniele Caria against former Mayor, accused of corruption, extortion and sexual harassment, abuse of power and aiding and abetting of prostitution, as well as rated by Exchange. The heads, the judges of the first criminal division, said the details of the alleged offer: Puddu, according to the indictment, he would offer money to kill a person who a few days before he had had a quarrel with his family. The process involves, inter alia, alleged by then mayor in Exchange for contributions granted to women in financial difficulties that were aimed at Social Services of the municipality. The witness is then examined by lawyers against State defenders of Puddu, Giuseppe Andreozzi and Stefano Iai, which tried to dismantle the arguments of the prosecution. Next hearing on December 16. . Similar text can be found clicking resource.

10 reasons to do away with the spanking.

How tolerant is that children, who are vulnerable, fragile and dependent, individuals are only in France which we do not have to fully respect the physical and mental integrity, and you can type, slap, pinch, spank, humiliate under the guise of education and right of correction? How this customary right of correction still in use, recognized by the supreme court in 1819 and exercising under parental authority, can be reconciled with the duty to protect the child in its safety, health and morals, to ensure her education and enable its development in respect of his person (article 371-1 of the civil code)?  Why is it not repealed? In any inconsistency hit – even much stronger than itself – adult, humiliate him verbally is regarded as an infringement of its rights and dignity, so that hitting a child – even tiny – and humiliating him, can be regarded as normal for a parent, if it is to correct it and educate. Love and raise her child would be reconciled with him making bad physically and psychologically. These are the who loves well, punishes well and it is to tone although Alice Miller so far denounced (1). While all the violence that is exercised within the couple under the guise of love and a patriarchal law of domination and possession: my wife, I do what I want!, are no longer acceptable and are considered as offences or crimes with aggravating circumstances, some of these acts of violence remain strangely valid in the family when they exerted on children by adults in authority. Ignorance of the traumatic consequences of educational violence on development, her self-esteem and child health promotes tolerance, commoditization, or even the enhancement of educational violence in France. This gives parents one allowed innocently type, threaten and humiliate their children, however small they because a significant percentage of educational violence begin before 2 years and more than the majority before 7 years. They are considered as a social norm should not call into question as they would be required to ensure an effective discipline and an education worthy of the name. And it is a very large majority of parents in France (40%, according to a study published in October last by the Observatory approved by families – 80% for others) who acknowledges having recourse to corporal punishment regardless of their socio-cultural level and their origins. The Predictive factors for parents resort to such violence being in themselves passed in their childhood, their levels of stress, and their belief in the beneficial effects of corporal punishment and the evil nature of children. And how to define what is covered by the right of correction when the limit between corporal punishment more or less severe, minor but tolerated violence and abuse punishable by law, is moving and necessarily very subjective? How to distinguish them? Yet, in France, in 2014, it does not waive the parental correction right on the children, if not failing at our disposal, for more than 20 years, all of the legal tools international and European, and all uncontested scientific knowledge to do so. Rights and academic research in psychology, medicine and science education are without appeal and give us 10 reasons to explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in all places including the family: 4. to the contrary, they are correlated strongly to increased aggression and anti-social in children but also in adolescence behaviour and adulthood with a risk of domestic and intra-family violence. 6. it has proven in many international research that they have traumatic consequences in the long term on the mental and physical health of children. They show the same risk for other violence, present in childhood and adulthood of mental disorders post-traumatic stress and cognitive and hyperactivity in children. Two large studies published in international journals Pediatrics in 2013 and CMJA in 2014 have been attributed to corporal punishment 2-5% of axis I psychiatric disorders in the general population (disorders of mood, anxiety disorders, addictive, conducted suicide risk), and 4 to 7% of psychiatric disorders on axis II (as personalities borderline personality disorders(, schizotypiques, a-social), and a greater risk of cardiovascular, pulmonary disorders, immunity, arthritis, chronic pain and obesity. Prohibit educational violence is a matter of respect for fundamental rights, but also public health. 7. they are also at the origin of cortical and neuro-biological attacks the brain, and epigenetic changes, these violations are linked to stress, the malfunctioning of systems for control of emotional response and the excess production of cortisol which is neurotoxic. The brains of children is particularly vulnerable to violence (see complete article). We therefore in our arguments dispositiontous to explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in all places including the family, and consider that the right of correction can never apply since the health, well-being and development of the child are put at risk and it is shown that the abandonment by the parents of these educational violence helps kids not be impacted by mostor even all of these consequences. . Main data may be read visiting this resource.

Producer Andy Stott: In the ghost town is lighted again.

The techno-year 2014 ends with the return of the people in the ghost town. Andy Stott is a producer from Manchester, and also he has now arrived at the fourth album. Faith in strangers share important characteristics with actress’ Ghettoville: leisurely pace, patient dramaturgy, joy of abstraction and sound distortion. Even the unfathomable depth of the bass seems to have originated with two musicians in the same swampy climes. The albums sound so similar to, but very different feels. Stott actress’ voiceless Abgesängen oppose a spirit of optimism, which was his previous records. Faith moves in strangers, slowly but surely. Already the sound waves of the six-minute ambient launch time away convey a strange form of security in their forward Uneventfulness. You don’t know what is happening with music by Andy Stott, but you would like to settle in there like. As a result the responsive nature of faith in strangers proves to be as often as inviting as threatening. Stott can program still beats with incredibly sharp edges. He knows where he must to activate the synthesizer to hurt. However, a larger array of conventional instruments, Field Recordings and found sounds than ever is on the other. You all make an almost luminous album – faith in strangers as long as one keeps in mind that it can go only cold, artificial light at Stott. In a year in which Bass music is often hidden in darkness and the end of their urban Habitat conjured up, Andy Stott is thus a welcome counterpoint. Without compromising the uniqueness of his sound, he opens it for new approaches, collaborators, and emotions. Faith starts to be the resettlement of the ghost town in strangers. It’s violence, according to the trap-rap landings in his tracks a new strip club opens there as first. "Faith in strangers" by Andy Stott is published by modern love/rough trade. . You must check this to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Romania, Klaus earthquake: a “German” as President.

After the upset victory over favorite Victor Ponta, the elected President of Romania, the conservative Klaus Iohannis, a member of the German minority in Transylvania, has made it known it would topple the Government within one year. In short, wastes no time in celebrations, Klaus German of Romania, to restore "order and discipline" in Bucharest in perpetual transition. The risk, however, with a conservative President and a Socialist Prime Minister is the worst for a nation in transition: political instability. On the other hand the numbers play in favor of Romania’s German: over 6 million Romanians have voted (54.5% of the vote), allowing a result on the eve of the vote that no one had predicted. After the first round, Ponta was head of 10 percentage points and was given safe winning by bookmakers, an advantage that Iohannis was able to cancel believing until the end in victory. It is served even visiting Bucharest Matteo Renzi premier in support of Victor Ponta, who saw his hopes fade of glory. This caused a chain reaction that brought before the Romanians to manifest in various towns, and then the resignation of Foreign Minister, Titus Corlatean, and following altremanifestazioni of the square last Friday, when the population has demanded transparency and ability to vote for the Romanians living abroad, who traditionally reward the fronteconservatore. Not only. After only eight days resigned foreign successor, Teodor Melescanu, who today announced his resignation as a result of the new controversy arose after the difficulties encountered by the Romanian voters abroad on the occasion of the second round of presidential elections last Sunday. . For more insights on this matter click hyperlink.

Deepening the judicial war between Chabelita and Alberto Isla.

The response of island which currently opt to keep silent, was swift. Within hours sent a burofax to the mother of his son rog advising that in periods that I be with my child, this comes provided with a minimum of clothing and clothing, put that in the last two times that I’ve given to the or or the small or Alberto not tra m s that the clothing they wore, vi ndome forced to buy clothes with urgency. Recalling below n your former partner the pensi n of foods that can happen to your child includes the small garment or. But that wasn’t the only claim Alberto wanted to capture in his writing. The place of delivery of the small or also was reason of dissatisfaction by the father of the creature in relationship n our son Alberto, whose r moan visits and stays are room to stipulated in note n that you were going to transfer your residence to London, fact that has not taken place, tell you, since you are still residing in Sanl car of Barrameda, the relevance of which the collection and return of our son takes place in this town. . For additional insights on this topic click

Rajoy will go to Catalonia to recover the space in front of secessionism.

"The press conference given on Wednesday Rajoy [his first intervention in public after the 9-N] a little calm things, but the situation is very complicated." "It is very difficult to explain what is happening to a part of our electorate that only wants war against more", designates a leader. "We had told us that there would be consultation and they understood that there would be no ballot boxes. "It is not easy to convince them of the consultation that took place was not worth for nothing: the image is there", admits a Minister. From there there are many ideas. So far the President had rejected the possibility of organizing a campaign of the style of the of Better Together (better together) who invented conservatives, Liberals and British Labour with the participation of intellectuals, artists, singers, athletes and all kinds of people in favor of a Britain United against Scottish independence. But now it is rethinking that idea. Rajoy knows that the Government could not lead the campaign, but could make it Yes. . For additional facts about this topic click hyperlink.

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