Delinquency, what say the figures.

It is the "safer" source and the "most comprehensive" to understand the phenomena of crime, according to Cyril Rizk, one of the leaders of the national Observatory of delinquency and criminal responses (ONDRP). Agency published Tuesday its eighth annual survey of "victimisation", after interviewing in 2014 more than 15,000 elderly people of 14 years and over. A work whose conclusions contrast strongly with those of the Ministry of the Interior, for one main reason: the administrative statistics are based on the filings. However, notes Cyril Rizk, for sexual and intra-family violence for example, only 10% of the victims move to lodge a complaint. The proportion rises to a third party for burglaries and attempted burglaries. ‘It also need the facts to be entered correctly, and are not only the subject of a handrail’, says the head of the ONDRP. Another reserve: the extent of the findings is "disturbed by methodological fracture problems. From 2012 and 2013, the gendarmerie and the police have implemented new statistical tools, which make difficult comparisons in time. All bias that can cause ‘ manipulation’ problems, note Cyril Rizk, who therefore recommends to focus the victimization survey to describe the phenomena of delinquency. Zoom on three key indicators of the annual report. In 2013, the ONDRP an estimated 7.2 million of damage to property suffered by the French, a stable figure for three years. If burglaries or attempted burglaries (600,000) and car theft (or attempts by flights – 300 000) embrace this trend, the ONDRP note a net increase in other assets. Including bikes (400 000 flights and attempts in 2013 or 100,000 more than the previous year): "It is the first time that there is such an increase," explains Cyril Rizk, who the closer to "increasing use" of this means of ecological transport. «Can be associated to a social practice an evolution of crime», he says. The phenomenon is the same regarding flights of personal effects, including "the phones high range’, which are particularly young women. On the other hand, acts of vandalism are declining. 2.8% of french households said to have suffered in their home in 2012, they were more than 2.5% in 2013. Far from the image of a France in fire and blood, sometimes propagated by some politicians, the ONDRP note the "stability" of physical and sexual violence against persons from 18 to 75 years for the fourth consecutive year. Nearly 2 million of them say having been victims in 2013, far from the peaks of 2008 and 2009 (2.2 million persons). Cyril Rizk will not venture to provide an explanation: «However, can advance certain factors for rational as acts flights, for example to seek gold in homes, both for violence, it is very difficult to give a motivation»It notes, however, large differences with regard to women. They are just 42.3% to suffer physical violence off household, but 81% faced sexual abuse off household. . For additional insights on this topic check http://.

Eu banks, agreement on contributions to the single fund to deal with failures.

Ecofin reached agreement on banks ‘ contributions to the European single point of resolution of credit institutions to manage in an orderly bankruptcies. Is a ‘ political agreement ‘ in order to implement the European regulation. The calculation of the annual contribution of the banks will be done on the basis of liabilities excluding capital and guaranteed deposits and risk adjustment. Troubleshooting rules and the revival of banks in difficulties (Brrd) indicate the basic rules on how to calculate the quote whose details are included in a delegated Act of the Commission and will be definitively applied. The delegated Act specifies what count for the risk and what relationship should be between the contribution rate "flat" (what must be paid by all banks) and the rate adjusted for the risk that will be based on a fork 0.8 -1.5. For Member States participating in the Banking Union national resolution funds will be set up by 1 January 2015 under Brrd rules and then will pass under the rules of the single European Fund one year later. While on the basis of "Brrd" national level of resolution is set by each country and calculated on the basis of guaranteed deposits, under the rules of the single European target Fund is given by the sum of the guaranteed deposits of all banks participating in the Banking Union. This changes the contributions that lending institutions must actually pay. To avoid excessive increase in quotas in some countries in transition from one system to another, is there a adjustment mechanism for eight years during which the single fund comes up to speed. Is the phase in which it is carried out in practice and gradually the "mutualisation" of national funds by resolution. . Root source may be read checking the following url.

United States: the damning report on torture by the CIA.

The report also accuses the CIA of lying, not only to the public but the Congress also and the White House, on the effectiveness of the program, including stating that these techniques had helped to save lives. As for the techniques used, they were brutal and much worse than what the CIA had described to the elect, the report concludes. On the side of the CIA, it clears. The boss of the Agency, John Brennan, has admitted that the CIA had made mistakes by using torture as a method of interrogation but stressed that this had allowed to prevent further attacks after September 11. According to Mr. Brennan, even if mistakes have been made, an internal investigation by the CIA has developed light that interrogations pushed against terrorism suspects had enabled to recover information that helped to prevent attacks, to capture terrorists and save lives. These assertions are contradicted by the report of the public rendered Senate Tuesday, according to which torture had been retrieve only little useful information. As noted in the reply of the CIA to this report, we recognize that the detention and interrogation program had flaws and that the Agency has made mistakes, said Mr Brennan in a statement. The main problems intervened at the beginning and came from the fact that the Agency was not prepared and lacked the skills required to carry out a program of detention and interrogation of suspects of al-Qaeda and affiliated terrorist organizations unprecedented global, said the boss of the CIA. We have learned from these mistakes, thats why my predecessors and myself have taken various measures to overcome these failures, he still said. . Inspirational data can be studied visiting this http://.

Three other No Tav accused of terrorism.

In the aftermath of the incidents that have again blocked the Valsusa in the weekend of the Immaculate, three other anarchists of the No Tav movement, were charged with terrorism. This morning have been notified in prison ordinances of precautionary measure of gip do Torino for Lucio Alberti, Graziano Mazzarelli, and Francesco Nicola Sala, Milanese, who all were detained for the attack at the Tav and 13 May 14, 2013. Three of them had not been denied the crime of terrorism when it shut down last July as had been done for accidents instead of those two days a year ago with other anarchist insurgents Claudio Alberto, Nicolò Blasi, Mattia Zanotti and Chiara Zenobi they were challenged with bombing offences to terrorism or subversion, along with many others. The four are now prosecuted before the Court of Assizes in Turin, on 17 December, should issue the final ruling. Alberti, Mazzarelli and had escaped the most serious accusation given the pronunciation of the Court of Cassation May 15, 2014 that quashed with the previous referral order against four teammates with respect to claims for purposes of terrorism-but now, the due investigation and insights in deference to the principles from the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor’s Office in Torinoha decided to challenge them on charges of terrorism. At the same time, searches were carried out in cells of three that led to the seizure of various equipment. . Extended facts can be found reading http://.

Merkel re-elected on CDU party day with 96.7 percent.

Previously, the old and new CDU leader her party had called for new reforms. Let us the brave to be in these exciting times, she said in her speech at the CDU Party Congress. I want to make Germany’s future. The CDU at the Government do well the country, she said, referring to high social standards, stable prices and low unemployment and rising wages. But we must remember tomorrow not only the achievements of the politics of yesterday. Merkel campaigned compromise to the dampening of the cold control progression to 1001 delegates to agree to yesterday evening. It travels for this should be developed, that even in this parliamentary term – 2017 – a first step in the cold progression could be made. The plan will be an incentive for the CDU. However nobody wants to promise something, what could not be implemented at the end. With swipes against the SPD Merkel urged her party to prevent a red red green majority in the next general election: only our own strength, only a strong Union 2017 will make impossible red red-green coalition in the Federal Government. Because we have to work. The participation of the SPD to the Government led by the Swedish Parliament in Thuringia appreciated the CDU leader as a declaration of bankruptcy for the SPD design standard. That is the proud left people’s Party in the junior role places of incarceration, raise the question: how much will the SPD make smaller is actually still? Merkel was also on the conflict in the Ukraine and announced not to weaken the pressure on Russia. Moscow had violated international law with the annexation of the Crimea and make neighboring countries to spheres of influence, so the Chancellor. In addition, Russia instead question the European peace. The goal is a territorially intact Ukraine, which is free and self-determined can decide their future. This is the strength of law enforcement. . Original data may be found reading the following http://.

Suicide girl under a train in 17 years, on trial Uncle: the stuprava since I was small.

Vigevano (PAVIA)-the drama in Vigevano. There was a history of sexual violence ranging forward from childhood behind the suicide of a 17 year old student that May 15, 2013 let overwhelm from a train in transit. A background emerged, as reported today the newspaper La Provincia Pavese, with the request for indictment for sexual violence against old uncle of the girl, who was accused of abuse on the girl continued for seven years. Until she found the courage to contact the police, who had collected his complaint. As a result of that Act had been removed from the family and welcomed into a community. In the following days was supposed to appear before the judge for the accident evidence intended to collect his story. That evening he was lying on the tracks waiting for the train with the headphones in your ears. At the last moment, the arrival of the convoy, had tried to scansarsi: it was not centered in full, but had reported, however, serious injury and two days later had died in intensive care at Novara. The preliminary hearing for the uncle will be held in February. . You can read this http:// to read extra about this interesting subject.

Quick 904 massacre, the same type of explosive in via d’amelio.

For rapid train 904 bombing was used the same explosive in the massacre in via d’amelio where the judge Paolo Borsellino died with the Commons, and there are similarities with respect to materials with the massacre of Capaci and the massacres of 1993 in Rome, Milan and Florence, as well as with the failed attacks at Addaura and at the stadio Olimpico in Rome. This is what was said this morning in this House the Prosecutor’s Adviser, Julius Vadalà, who testified at his trial in Florence on the Christmas massacre, massacre was the December 23, 1984. It’s confirmation of what is already supported by indagni.   The process takes place in Florence in the Court of Assizes. The massacre on a train packed with people returning home for the Christmas holidays were killed 17 people, injured futorno 267. Riina is accused as the instigator.   The explosive was placed on the nine second class carriage, three eleventh and twelfth compartment. He told science police officer Nisha, interrogated by pm Angela Pietroiusti. Were found traces of PETN, nitroglycerin and TNT, T4. PETN and T4 compose the base of the bomb, that Sentex has defined a high explosive potential. 16 kg were used with explosives because the damage is huge. According to the analysis of the explosives specialist was connected on a luggage carrier gauze in a corridor of the train and was connected to a radio-controlled transmission system with delay for exploded in a tunnel of the Apennines between Emilia and Tuscany. My assisted Ragsdale is terrible and days we will do something for his health. He said the lawyer Luca Cianferoni defender of Riina, on the sidelines of the process is about the massacre of 904 quick adding only that this will be a request. For those wondering which said request: Let me stand on vague. The mafia boss was video link with the courtroom bunker in Florence, he is seen walking with difficulty, get up and leave a door slowly. The Court has decided to reject the request for the Constitution of a civil party promoted by the Regione Campania legal. The request had opposed the defender of Totò Riina. Among the victims and the injured of the massacre many were citizens from Campania who came up in Naples by train to Milan, where the rapid 904 was headed. In the first hearing approval of the Court of Assizes in Florence for the testimony of Undersecretary with proxy to Malhotra and intelligence Director of Dis Giampiero Massolo. While in the audience prossia January 13, 2015 will witness Giovanni Brusca in The Court of Assizes has accepted the request of pm Angela Pietroiusti, when defining the schedule of upcoming hearings that, in a later date, also held 20 and 27 January. According to the theory of the prosecution after the massacre, Brusca was contacted by Totò Riina because shift explosive store which Cosa nostra had entrusted San Giuseppe Jato in fear of being discovered. . For more regarding this topic visit http://.

Palliative care: Dying with dignity – at home.

Instead of crying, the patient has plucked just a lint off his pants, a lint, which there wasn’t, but what you do already, if the conversation is so difficult, so pleasant as well. The patient is determined to keep attitude, his affairs to regulate how it it was used for a lifetime. However, the matters which are to govern now, are his last. Who would it come as a surprise, that is nervousness, uncertainty, anxiety probably also very deep down their way out there looking and must therefore now non-existent lint be removed from the outerwear? The patient, in this story he does mean Ernst Jacobus is 78 years old. virtually all of his professional life he worked in a scientific Institute. Because you knew at that time not better and ignored it, as it better could have known it, they have used asbestos when something had to be isolated. Much asbestos. So much that Jacobus times came in up until today remembered as a colleague, from head to toe as this dust then with compressed air of the clothing was blown and is wonderfully distributed throughout the room know of asbestos dust. As Jacobus went to retire more than a decade ago, there was already known that cancer can develop in the lungs by asbestos fibres, which are much smaller as a lint on the pants, but still so much, as that of the body and its defenses again could bring, they. Ernst Jacobus healthy entered retirement and thought to himself: lucky. Until a year ago. The story, her patient, takes a while now, but Kerstin Haley shows no trace of medical impatience of the impatience that bothers so many sick people when they realize: my doctor doesn’t actually have time for me. Kerstin Haley has time, she sounds the history, although she probably already knows it from the file. But it is important that the patient can tell you once again. Haley the SAPV team at the Hospital of the brothers of mercy, and it is has come today to the patient to discuss what is to do. SAPV stands for specialised outpatient palliative care. A brutal truth behind the reassuring-sounding Latin words: SAPV teams allow people to be able to die at home. This is the time to come the SAPV teams in the game. For the city of Munich there are five of them, at the LMU University Hospital, at the Hospice Association existence at the Christophorus-Hospice Association, finally the palliative team Munich-West – and Kerstin Hökes team at the merciful brothers, the youngest in this list, since July working next to her a more doctor, two nurses and one at the Office Coordinator. What they do, what SAPV is good, this is exemplary in the first conversation in the patients with tumor of the lung. It is an elegant apartment in Schwabing, oil paintings hang on the walls, antiquities stand – inherited from the mother, Mrs. Jacobus had said in greeting, in the well-stocked Bookshelf next to encyclopedias and novels the good German cuisine and the Alps in color. In this solidly middle-class living room, Kerstin draws Haley now a file covers from her bag and says: we need to figure out a concept for the pain. This is the basic idea of palliative medicine and care: that, if a patient is no longer to heal, at least in dignity and without spending too much to be enabled to live him. In the case of Ernst Jacobus, that means: he wears a patch that constantly emits a pain reliever, which is the basic dosage. This is not always enough – for the pain points, if so the pain is stronger than the medicine, he gets equal with a morphine, up to six times a day 10 drops, and some practical advice: he should but in the evening before going to bed in a shot glass filling the dose himself and set it on the bedside table, then he must get up at night. . For extra regarding this subject check http://.

Mafia, quick 904 massacre: Campania civil party request rejected.

Florence, Dec 9. (La Presse)-judge Ettore Nicotra rejected the request made by the Campania region to become a civil party to the process for the rapid train 904 bombing, the second hearing which opened today in the courtroom bunker of Santa Verdiana in Florence and whose sole defendant is Ragsdale, present at the videoconference hearing from prison in Parma. The massacre of the 904 express December 23, 1984 resulted in the death of 16 people. To judge the request was submitted after the deadline and is therefore not permissible, adding that the Regione Campania can be considered damaged and not offense. The Campania region’s lawyer Fabrizio Nikephoros had filed the request on grounds by the fact that many citizens of Campania were on that train that day and the region of Campania is offense in crime. The request had opposed the legal of Riina, Luca Cianferoni, for which there is no assumption and is questionable even in terms of substantive law. There will be on that train were also emiliani, Venetian, marches, said Cianferoni-here escapes really a legally significant relevance. All citizens are offended to an attack so vile and bloody, he added the Office of Riina. Here there are no lawyers in the city of Naples, whose non-Constitution in civil action aroused controversy. . Similar text can be read clicking homepage.

Romania: agreement with the IMF and the EU on a deficit of 1.83% in 2015 (Ponta).

The Romania has reached an agreement with the international monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union on a public deficit of 1.83% in 2015, announced Tuesday the Prime Minister Victor Ponta following arduous negotiations with donors. We arrived at an agreement in principle on the basis of which the Government will be able to send the draft budget to Parliament Friday, Mr. Ponta told a press conference. According to him, this project is based on economic growth of 2.5% and a deficit of 1.83% of the gross domestic product (GDP), or higher than the 1.4% that Bucharest had committed to Brussels to be implemented by 2015. These 1.83% correspond to a structural deficit (excluding the impact of the economy on the situation of public finances) of 1% of GDP, according to the Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu. The Government including got the go-ahead to allocate approximately EUR 6.3 billion, or 0.4% of the GDP, for co-financing projects benefiting from European funds, a sector where the Romania is lagging among the countries of Central and Eastern. On the other hand, the EU and IMF negotiators objected to a supplementary budget of 0.3% of GDP to an increase of military expenditures. Romania, which borders the Ukraine and an area mined by others frozen, conflicts has made commitments at the NATO Summit, this is why we hope to get the agreement of the European Council on this issue, said Mr Ponta. The head of the social democratic Government also assured that promises to 5% of the pension indexing, increased in two tranches of the minimum wage and a doubling of allowances for children from disadvantaged families are endorsed in the draft budget, which provides no increase in tax or tax. The IMF and EU experts will return to Bucharest late January for a new assessment mission, said Mr Ponta. Out of a severe recession thanks to an international creditor EUR 20 billion emergency loan granted in 2009, the Romania had concluded a new agreement of two years, accompanied by a line of credit of EUR 4 billion, to be used in the event of a major crisis in 2013. . For additional insights about this matter read http://.

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