Gaza: Israel wants to finish the job.

The e arm isra lienne, which accuses Hamas of using Gazans as human shields, still has intensifi its offensive, entering deeper in the Palestinian enclave, o rockets continue tre shooting es on Israel – more than 2800 since July 8 (3 civilians tu s). Hamas portrays him on three conditions for a ceasefire: a withdrawal of troops isra process of the Gaza Strip, the arr t of the strikes and the high of the blockade imposed by Israel since 2006 on the territory. The international community is impotent curb the escalation of violence. And more particularly particularly the United Nations. After the secr Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, the High Commissioner for the rights of the man Navi Pillay has sentenced attacks affecting houses, of schools, hospitals h and r Srikrishna s centres, which appear to be an act of fi d lib r vis-d – vis obligations resulting from international law. This Thursday, at least a dozen Palestinians, including two women, have t tu s in the bombing. In total, more than 1. 370 Palestinians have ri p, in vast majority of civilians and some 7. 700 s bless, have indicated the local relief. More than 245 children are among the dead according to Unicef. The day before, in this narrow enclave of 370 km2 o the 1.8 million inhabitants are nowhere shelter, s pr of 120 Palestinians were killed, one of the days most bruised res of this war. The human toll of the protective border offensive is approaching major not Op operation cast lead (2008-2009), the deadliest for the Palestinians of four major conflict between Israel and Hamas with 1. 440 dead. With 56 dead, e arm d plore its heaviest record since the war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. Three of the soldiers were p ri Wednesday in a former clinic of UNRWA o d blocked a tunnel that had t ft g. � . For extra about this subject click

Oberau: Half a billion for the tunnel trio.

You are one of most notorious leisure traffic jam routes of Bavaria 20 kilometers from Eschenlohe South of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At peak times, up to 45,000 vehicles drive through Oberau. The joy at Mayor Peter Imminger (CSU) is correspondingly large. For 45 years the Gaudí with the bypass, Imminger, where Gaudí here means trouble in the Bavarian sense and not fun says. You no longer came with us at certain times on the road. At the beginning of the construction of the village will celebrate a big party, he announced. Then also the Transport Minister wants to come as a guest. As long as the o pay the beer. So it stand in Dobrindts E-Mail with confirmation that the money for the ring is secured, the mayor says. If everything goes smoothly, Oberau will be already relieved from traffic in 2021, when the distant Garmisch-Partenkirchen just a few kilometres is still waiting its bypass tunnel. There all work due to geological problems are stopped for two years, in parts, even a new plan is needed. But a up to 40 metres high water layer over a mountain section with loose rock has so far not even allowed the completion of the exploratory tunnel. The planners of the responsible building inspections in Weilheim in a solution working for two years. Now, the authority has opted for a lowering of the water table in the mountain. A waterproof tube to be built in the dry. Then, the ground water to regain its original height. Conservationists sharply criticize this planning because of the damage to be expected in the environment. They intended from the outset warned the route selected by the Building Authority, but before the Bavarian administrative court their version does not enforce. Now, the Bauamt in parts must apply for new construction law. Should sue the federal nature protection against it, the o could be ready with her tunnel, before the Garmisch can proceed with construction at all. That doesn’t have to be a disadvantage anyway for the engineer in the building, said Deputy Chief Michael cordon. Both projects are funded at the same time, was not likely anyway. . Additional info can be read reading

Beyond the emotion legitimate.

The images parading on our screens are shocking. These are the images of a war. These are terrible pictures, which justify the emotion and indignation. These are images that raise the coeurmais shouldn’t fog the mind. Any position taken political, any reaction and any political action must take root in the analysis and the reason. It is the only way to not succumb to the reign of the emotion that makes citizens of the passive subjects of history instead of actors. What is happening in the Middle East is complex. And this complicated Orient, as yesterday, requires that we keep a few simple ideas in mind. These ideas are simple so the right of Israel to live in security and the right of the Palestinian people to form sovereign and democratic State. Observe which took place since the Oslo Accords. The right Israeli, prisoner, or ally of the settlers, has done everything to kill these agreements. As Palestinian leaders, they did not much to live. The Israeli right cynically regarded that bet on the division of the Palestinians by playing Hamas against Fatah was not improper operation. Taking a torpedo in the frail skiff of the Palestinian Authority, it allowed the same blow to Hamas to establish itself as the rising force bearing the hopes of the Palestinian Street. This error of judgement of the Israeli right has cost dearly in lives and time. Realpolitik is returned against Israel. Hamas, far from being an alternative, is irons has, over the months of the fall of his international supporters in an increasingly aggressive attitude. Prisoner of his own radicalness, he multiplied actions aimed to increase tension with Israel, building on the radicalization of the Palestinian people to establish its authority. The France now must play its own and independent of any particular block policy. If it does, it must involve Europe in its process and give him another that compassionate dimension. This approach should involve Arab countries. The demilitarization of Gaza, the return of the authority of Mahmoud Abbas and international aid should help to stabilize. An international conference together with an economic development plan closely controlled to prevent hijackings should see the light of day. What are the factors of a sustainable political solution of this conflict. . For extra facts about this topic click

Louis from Funès, comedy actor to the 120 million admissions, would have been 100 years old.

Victor Pivert, Léopold Saroyan, the Juve or the gendarme Cruchot. Louis de Funès, who would have been 100 years old on July 31, remains one of the greatest champions of the french box-office with some 120 million of spectators applaud its inimitable facial expressions. As proof, the great steamer, where he formed a formidable comedy duo, with Bourvil remained 42 years most seen french film with 17.27 million spectators, before to be Dethroned in 2008 by Bienvenue chez les’tis (20.44 million) and then in 2011 by untouchables (19.48). Actor films regularly on television as yet recently, La Traversée de Paris, the adventures of Rabbi Jacob or the saga of the Gendarmes of return on the screens as soon as Thursday. Louis de Funès remains popular because it is an inter-generational actor. His films are often the first bringing together the family full front of the TV, says the AFP Sophie Aberin, author of Louis de Funès – look at me there you! Small, bald, eye bright and blue, voluble, grimacing, spoilt, angry and full of tics, Louis de Funès symbolizes the average French. It personifies what we love the least among us. It is the chefaillon, the bad COP. All that we love hate, adds Sophie Adriansen, who had six months after the death of the actor, aged 68, in January 1983, but has a passion for his career. Bourvil has also, in its way, incarnate the average French. On screen, they were ultimately very complementary. Bourvil, however, had integrated the emotion, romanticism to its registry, that Funes, much too modest, did that exceptionally, she continues. -Often despised by the critics – Louis de Funès de Galarza was born on July 31, 1914, in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine) of a diamond father ruined. After studying at the Lycée Condorcet in Paris, he exercises different trades (window dresser, bookkeeper, coachbuilder,.). He briefly attended a drama course, earns his living as a pianist in a bar and eventually make an appearance in a room with Daniel Gélin. Long it will be subscribed to second and third roles, at the theatre and the cinema, and will have to wait to begin quarantine to be recognized from La Traversée de Paris, alongside major stars of the time, Jean Gabin and Bourvil. The success will be followed with Pouic-Pouic, Jean Girault (1963), then Fantômas with Jean Marais, in 1964, year of release also of the Gendarme of Saint-Tropez, debut of a series which will be completed in 1982 with the Constable and the gendarmettes. This will be the ultimate movie of the actor. The name of Louis de Funès is still associated with still and especially to the Director Gérard Oury. They will sign many public triumphs: Le corniaud (1965, 11.7 million viewers), the great MOP (1966), the adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1973, 7.3 million admissions), etc. Another of his hits will be Oscar, a piece that he played long from 1959 until Edouard Molinaro adapts to the cinema, in 1967. Despite a heart attack in 1975, it continues to turn and confirmed its popularity in the wing or the thigh (1976), with Coluche and La zizanie (1978), both directed by Claude Zidi. Often scorned by critics, the media and intellectuals, Louis de Funès dear remains at the heart of the French today coming to see the Rabbi Jacob hat or wig La Grande Vadrouille conductor at the Museum, which recently opened in the former Castle of the actor, in the cellar, near Nantes. Thanks to a new technological process, Louis de Funès rise year next in the first film of Jamel Debbouze 3D animation. With the collaboration of Olivier de Funès, appeared several times in the films of his father. Finally, for the centenary of his birth, Charlie Hebdo devotes to the actor a special issue, to be published August 6, for which the family has opened part of its archive,, Similar text can be inspected reading weblink.

Full Pack for investors: Dax busy expected.

So-called super launch on Thursday the German leading index is likely somewhat firmer Dax after assessment by speculators after its recent losses in the trade. In the foreground is the tidal wave of corporate results from the ongoing earnings for the half-year. A slew of prominent names are announced, including the DAX companies Fresenius, Volkswagen, Siemens and Lufthansa. At European level a number of company results for processing available on on the day of the report: from the interim results presented on the eve of Saint-Gobain a dealer can pull at least not negative conclusions for the stock. Sales lie easily below expectations, operating profit, however, slightly above. We had most recently some negative news from the building industry. You have strained even the course of Saint-Gobain. Therefore, these results should no longer be able to push the rate, the dealer said. A small backlash is possible. Greater risk factor is at the moment – the conflicts in the Middle East, in the Ukraine and Libya – the impending sovereign default in Argentina: the negotiations between Argentina and intransigent bondholders have failed in the night. As reported by a mediator appointed by the Court, the talks ended without result. Thus, the country is immediately before the second sovereign default in 13 years. Representatives of the Argentine Government and creditors under direction of U.S. hedge funds NML capital, which belongs to Elliott Management Corp, had on Tuesday and Wednesday for hours in New York trying to negotiate a debt deal. Until midnight US time (6 00 pm CEST) Argentina had time to agree with its creditors on a pact or to purchase, not being able to afford a payment of interest on restructured bonds. . You should check this web site to discover extra regarding this great topic.

The Argentina again.

"They were asking us something that we couldn’t give them." The Argentine Minister of economy, Axel Kicillof, announced last night at a press conference at the Argentine consulate in New York: after one month of negotiations tightened following almost 10 years of legal battle, the Argentina failed to reach an agreement with the vulture funds in the possession of 1 per cent of its private debt, and is therefore found in default of payment. A lack of a new genre, certainly. Baptized on arrival failed technical, partial or selective because it refers to a situation never before known, but default anyway. And bearer of bad news for the South American country in recent history already marked by crises. The last dating back to 2001, carries in her womb the premises of that looming. At the time, the blast tipped Argentina declared cessation of payment of all its creditors. More a centavo will go, Buenos Aires licks his wounds. And then by dint of ingenuity, imagination and ambitious social policies, the country is recovering. He manages to break free from its debts to international bodies such as the IMF and the World Bank, but especially to restructure part of its private debt, which then stood at $ 90 billion. 92% of holders of Argentine bonds accept in 2005 and in 2010 the conditions of Buenos Aires and alleviate their debt by up to 70%. This is the famous "canje. But the remaining 8% refuse this agreement and continue to claim all of them. This is the famous "vulture funds", so nicknamed because they target the country to the ground, nearly dead. Elliot Investment Management and Aurelius Capital Management have 1% of the titles in question, purchased at a discount so that Buenos Aires was in default of payment and which they claim since the full refund plus interest. $ 1.5 billion, or nearly 1600% of profits from the purchase price. A New York appellate court eventually give them reason in 2013 and the supreme court decision from last month confirmed this conviction, initiating a breathtaking Countdown: thirty days to pay cash, 100%, or to find an agreement satisfying the vulture funds, otherwise,.Otherwise, this is what happened: to put pressure on the Argentina, the New York judge placed under embargo the last payment of $ 539 million for the restructured holders, forcing Buenos Aires to pay first the vulture funds to discharge its debt to them. It is cecette sum-lapayee by the Argentina but not received by its creditors, since blocked in New York, which puts "technically" the Argentina in cessation of payment today. The sum seems almost ridiculous for a State, as elsewhere the 1.5 billion owed the American judge to the vulture funds, which Buenos Aires could have fulfilled without too much difficulty. However, the South American delegation did not cede an inch, proposing as a unique solution to the vulture to them also enter the "canje" funds with the same conditions as the rest of the 93%. "We offer them 300% of profits," said Axel Kicillof. But they want more. "An ideological posture, certainly, but the crux of the problem lies elsewhere: if it had assigned the requirements of Eliot and Aurelius, the Argentina would have same open time door to the creditors have accepted the"canje"to claim all of their implementation. More than 100 billion dollars according to the Government of Cristina Kirchner, a colossal amount for the country including existing reserves do not exceed $ 30 billion. In the absence of compromise, Buenos Aires so preferred to enter into default of technical rather than risk a real bankruptcy. "We have a historic responsibility," said Axel Kicillof. It would have been easy to sign anything but of all our soul, we wish to avoid the mistakes of the past. "The future looks difficult and the consequences of non-payment, even technical, even partial, are likely to be felt on the parallel dollar (a very strict exchange control policy has created a black market for currency exchange), on the rate of interest, investment and inflation, but on economic activity and employment. The solution could come from the Argentine private banks. A beam of rumors argues that they could redeem the vouchers of the vulture funds to what they ask for, to subsequently settle with the Government. . For additional information on this matter check reference.

The Minister Maria Elena Woods: judge Not to my look.

(La Presse)-it happens with the hats and suits of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Maxima of Holland. Happens with the refined look of Michelle Obama and more traditional ones with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is normal for newspapers and blogs and comment to resume the clothes of women in politics as well as those of celebrities of cinema and music. But talk of clothing does not mean judge its work public. For this was quite unusual exit of institutional reforms Minister a few days ago from the stage of the Festival Dell ‘ Unità di Varese complained of media attention paid to his set. Honestly-said a bit peeved Woods-I could care less, I consider now a craft accident. And he added: I do not think it is fair for girls younger than me who are still studying and undertake, but then think. Take the oath to the Quirinale with a full electric blue jacket and trousers (or the military parade of 2 June in total Fuchsia) is in a country where few women go up to senior ranks of politics have done everything to hide her femininity conforming to the more masculine style bureaucratic. An example? The sad Irene Pivetti’s clothes when she was elected speaker of the House (then, as suffered a liberating force, just ended his tenure showed up in public with a sadomasochistic look even more disturbing). As the Minister said, but if you throw the stone with, then you can not hide the hand doing the offense when the newspapers begin to talk about it. Waiting for Senate reform is approved, in this gallery you can see. To note is that with the passing of the months are anonymous but less and less. That certainly isn’t a political quality but that it doesn’t hurt either to a Minister. . Inspirational source can be read checking this

Health alert: dermatologists, weather swings ruining your skin.

Roma, July 30. (Reuters Health)-alarm of dermatologists: the weather swings of last week cause irritation to the skin and also threatening the hair. To say so is Fabio Rinaldi, Professor at the Sorbonne in Paris and President of the International Hair Research Foundation (Ihrf), reporting adverse effects on the skin and the hair because of the sudden transition from Sun to rain and repeated and significant temperature changes we have seen in recent weeks. Even on cloudy days-explains dermatologist-the Sun is the same. Of course, the wind decreases the sensation of heat, but the clouds filtered the same rays. These temperature fluctuations cause an accumulation of heat at the skin, toned down then against humidity and cold, with a consequent alteration of the blood vessels that certainly creates additional risk of irritation or damage, such as, at best, Erythema, signs and luciti, which can ruin the holidays, but also more serious damage that accumulates from year to year, can become chronic and result in skin cancers. Particular attention in this regard should be paid also to the scalp: it is important to protect not only the drums, but also bulbs that, if report a detriment, can cause hair loss is very important, he says. According to Rinaldi, most at risk are children up to 12 years. There is no doubt-says the President of Ihf-the Sun, useful for the synthesis of vitamin D, which helps the formation of bone, servant to children, but the show must be carried out with moderation and in the cooler hours of the day, but especially with the aid of a powerful security and maybe doing even wear t-shirts to the children that they can protect the skin while you bathe. Important is also a very specific and correct for exposure to sunlight: ideal is to feed the children with all the fruit salad can, especially red, containing antioxidants, but also fish, containing polyunsaturated acids. Adopt a protection system by eating well, in fact, is useful as, if not more, of a proper solar filter. Special attention deserve also the elderly. As age advances-warns Rinaldi-the skin becomes increasingly atrophic, thin capillaries dilate and the body goes into venous circulation problems: it must therefore be more shade, protect yourself as much as possible and feed in the best way to bring the body with water and protein to help restructure the skin. The elderly are particularly prone to the appearance of skin blemishes and other signs are difficult to push away, so prevention is definitely the most useful. . Inspirational data may be found checking the following

CSA: Filippetti respects a decision independently.

The Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti said Wednesday that the Government had to respect the decision taken completely independently by the CSA, who refused the day before the passage free DTT of LCI (groupe TF1). Speaking at the release of the Council of Ministers, Aurélie Filippetti said that president François Hollande had mentioned the subject during the Council to remind the crucial importance it attaches to respect the independence of all the independent administrative authorities, and in particular of the CSA. It is a new skill that has been given to the CSA, to be able to pronounce on this question of the transition to DTT, said the Minister. Previously, before the Act of November 15, 2013, I did vote, the CSA could not pronounce and LCI couldn’t even ask for his change of economic model. Now the CSA is a totally independent authority (?) and now we have to respect the decision taken independently by the CSA. Asked about a possible social plan within the chain, Aurélie Filippetti replied: we’re not there, adding be very concerned with the issue of LCI employees. We will follow with great attention the sequel to this folder, she added. . For extra on this matter check

New York Melody: Keira Knightley & Adam Levine, enchanted agreements.

John Carney knows to the buzz. After Once, that a word of mouth had increased from Sundance to the Oscars, history repeated itself in Toronto in September 2013. Projected discreetly alongside the much noisier 12 Years a Slave or Dallas Buyers Club, its Melody New York aroused the enthusiasm of the public in general and Harvey Weinstein in particular, who has decided to release to the United States the weekend of July 4, one of the most important in terms of box-office.   Once again therefore, the charm has operated for this pop romantic movie, where a Jerry Maguire of the industry of the disc become has-beens will rebuild the cherry with a young English singer, emerging from a break with a fickle star singer. Keira Knightley and Adam Levine embody this couple separated by the sirens of the success. The opportunity, for the heroine of Love Actually, reconnect brilliantly with the romantic comedy in which she plays like a fish in water. And the leap for the second, leader of Maroon 5, who had never made the actor. A few hours from the first film, they found themselves for the first time since the end of the shoot,.   Adam Levine: actually, I’ve never had the impression of being before a fiction. With his camera, John accompanied his characters as in a documentary. And then the music of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova was magnificent. It is through their songs that John developed the story of their characters. And New York Melody works the same way. This is what prompted me to make this film.   Adam Levine: Put yourself in my place. Having never made the actor, I had no idea how to play. I have entrusted my doubts to John from our first appointment. And he was able to find words to reassure me and I me in am therefore completely refurbished its confidence. Then I read the scenario and then discovered my character. And I’m not going to lie: it looks like me say 80%, especially in its flaws (laughs).   This echo with my personal life has also allowed me to enter more easily into the role. Because the challenge for me was elsewhere: my ability to be comfortable in front of the camera or more exactly to hide my discomfort. Fortunately, the atmosphere of camaraderie that existed on the plateau has allowed me to forget the pressure. It looked at me sympathetically. Otherwise, I would have been much worse! (Laughs. ) Keira Knightley: my challenge to me was, initially, to erase my French accent in favour of an American accent. To do this, I had quite worked upstream and I knew my text with chalk. And then, four days from the beginning of the shooting, John came to see me to tell me to forget the scenario because we’d just improvise. I was totally panicked because I hate it! Worse, this terrorized me. But it was too late to leave the project if not, sincerely, I would have done. So forced and forced, I tossed in a vacuum,. and in the end, I liked it. This shoot was, for me, a real lesson of comedy! But, until the last day, I had the anguish of not being at the height.   Keira Knightley: Out of Anna Karenine, I realized since five years in all of my films, I was dying or crossed most appalling situations than the other. I was desperately looking a role surrounded by more positive vibrations! And what better than this New York fairy tale around a young woman who will attempt, singing, to finally have the life that she has always wanted? From our first meeting, I also begged John do not change the end, .   Keira Knightley: Sorry for the spoiler! (Laughs.) In any case, this scenario happened battery at the right time. Because it made me much laugh and that his conclusion – I’ll obviously steps reveal here – is anything but conventional. John also knows to talk about friendship love and the tenuous border between the two. And then, one feels of that he mastered his subject, particularly in how it portrays this rocker while known disk with internet industry.   We need to stop with the heavenly vision of the past! Today, anyone can share his creations without the need to go through a contract. Certainly, illegal downloading has wreaked havoc but, on the other hand, music has been democratized and was never present in our daily lives. For me, it lives even its golden age! Everyone today has his iPod filled with diverse and varied pieces.   Keira, seen you sing on stage in New York Melody. Your theatrical experiences in the misanthrope and The Children’s Hour helped you on the shelf? Keira Knightley: No, because the logic is strictly reversed. When I play a piece, I create a bubble so I broke with my partners, only rarely. But as a singer, instead looking for a permanent exchange with the public. These are different vibrations. And I felt more intimidated than ever. But we will really believe that I’m complaining all the time! (Laughs.)  Adam Levine: I understand you perfectly because I experienced the same thing. I rarely have the jitters on stage but I have never felt as shy as during my first shots before the camera. Because as you with the concert stage, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation, without landmarks and with this feeling does nothing to control. And even when it comes to tell you that you you doing well, you think exactly the opposite.   . Extended information can be found visiting fact.

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