Rosny-sous-Bois: research continues to find the last two missing after the collapse of a building.

Six people were killed Sunday in the sinister, and eleven others were injured. Among the dead, there are a mother for 40 years and his two children of 14 and 18 years, but also one child of ten years, a 45-year-old woman and another adult. It remains two people to find, an octogenarian woman and a man of fifty years who lived on the ground floor and the first floor of the building, as sawed in two by the explosion, said Commander Gabriel Plus, spokesman for the firefighters of Paris. Time is against us, but there is always hope and teams work to find two people alive, focusing on areas where two bodies were extracted to 11 pm Sunday, he added. The portion of the building that is not collapsed still threatens to crumble, significantly slowing operations. Plus the mass of rubble is dwindling, most the building still standing is weakened, and more the danger grows, explain the firefighters. The explosion, entering full sleep this residential area east of Paris on Sunday around 0700, blew the building’s four floors. The building torn leaves to see wallpapers and living rooms, WC as hanging in the air and until the family photos that remain sadly clinging to the walls. The Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had mentioned Sunday an explosion likely caused by a gas leak. There was gas and ERDF (Electricité) work at the scene, said Commander more, refusing however to establish a link to this stage of the investigation. Contacted by AFP, the company in charge of the GRDF gas distribution network has indicated that no leaks had been reported previously on the premises. They had dug in the sidewalk just down the building, told the AFP Maryline Yvon, a neighbour of 49 years, convinced that the works are in question. Given the force of the explosion, it’s not a gas cylinder, it sure!. Extended information can be found reading reference.

Warning at the railway – focus in freight transport.

In the current wage round of the car, it’s not just about the money for the workers. Subject is also the form of cooperation of the Union of German engineer (GDL) with the railway and Transport Union (EDC). So, the GDL also for other railway workers wants to negotiate and thus compete with the stronger Member ECG. Warning is, since talks with the railway and the ballast of the responsibilities in collective bargaining have failed on August 18. The GDL demands in the current round for train and trolley drivers. It requires five per cent more money and two fewer working hours per week. Deutsche Bahn wants to submit a new proposal to resolve the collective labour dispute of the GDL in the next few days. A railway spokesman said on Sunday of the News Agency dpa and thus confirming a report of the news magazine of der Spiegel. We are offering to talk further, thus said the personnel board member Ulrich Weber. . For more information on this subject check


The recovery of the construction plan will be enough to wake a completely sinister sector? Reading of the measures announced Friday by Manuel Valls, it is permitted to doubt. Because there is no trace of a big bang of the interest in land or a major simplification of the rules of urbanism, only able to create the conditions for a sustainable real estate boom in the country. And it is a pity, when you know that this year will be built less than 300. 000 new housing in France, where need to 500. 000 to just meet the demand of a market in chronic shortage. However, this plan is far from useless. Firstly, because it uses a recipe that has been proven, the carrot tax. Certainly, limited extent but enough to again encourage individuals looking for an investment to invest in stone or landowners to consider the transfer of land. Especially, because that it marked a symbolic break with the years Duflot. A pair of years that enough Рwith the help of the crisis, it is true Рto distract developers and real estate investors of the new housing market. Quite simply, the plan will purely and simply erase the portion of the leader of the Greens in the Housing Ministry. Burying most of the Alur Act and its train of unenforceable measures (supervision and universal guarantee of rents,.) and in d̩baptisant Рrare thing Рthe device to promote the rental investment that bore his name. A first in as soon! Root data could be studied visiting this page.

Preliminary final: NPD flies out of the Parliament.

Dresden – even the NPD is one of the losers of the Landtag election in Saxony, Germany. As the National Election Committee announced on Sunday evening, the party reached 4.95 percent of the votes and not once again comes to the Parliament in Dresden. Four years ago the right-extremists had still managed the leap into the Landtag with 5.6 percent. Winner of the contest are the CDU and the AfD. The ruling since the turn of the Union continuously remains in Saxony in power, Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich must seek but a new partner due to a debacle of the FDP. The Liberals flew after the preliminary official result as it did in the election in 2013 from the Government and the Parliament. For the euro-critical alternative for Germany (AfD) for the first time moved into a Landtag – and almost double digits. The left was again two strongest force, the Greens also made it again to the Landtag. An Alliance of the CDU and SPD, which would strengthen also the large coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel is considered most likely coalition in Dresden now. Tillich, Greens can govern but also with the AfD and. . Inspirational source may be studied clicking the following

Merkel, tough call to Dragons: “he changed his mind about austerity?”.

The line dictated by the Governor of the European Central Bank on the issue of budget has not gone down to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that according to what reported by Spiegel newspaper (which, it should be noted, did not mention sources) would have phoned the Italian complaining about whether to place a greater emphasis on structural reforms (as advocated by Dragons) rather than on maintaining a line of austerity budgets. The German newspaper reported that both the Federal Chancellor that his Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble would have phoned to dragons, last week, to ask for clarification about his surgery done at Jackson Hole, when the ECB’s number one claimed it would be "useful" that the ECB’s monetary policy was flanked by "a major role fiscal policy" in the context of important structural reforms. Most notably Dragons said: "no amount of fiscal or monetary adjustments can replace the necessary structural reforms: structural unemployment was already very high in the eurozone before the crisis and national structural reforms to address this problem can no longer be delayed." Der Spiegel said Merkel would like asked Dragons if he had changed his mind about the need to maintain austerity in managing public budgets of the States. The Governor of the European Central Bank for its part would have defended the position expressed at Jackson Hole, explaining that the ECB, after cutting interest rates at historical lows and injected money into the economy to bolster the recovery, believes that stimulus measures in the framework of structural reforms may be a way to give strength to the growth. . You must read this to read extra regarding this great topic.

The land of fires is like a painting by Caravaggio (part I).

The Milan Italy, applying to host the universal exhibition, chose the theme "feeding the planet, energy for life". Expo Milano 2015 confronts the problem of nourishment of man and Earth and poses as a moment of dialogue between the actors of the international community about the key challenges of humanity. Is it possible to provide food and water to the world’s population? Increase food security? Propose new solutions and new perspectives that can protect biodiversity on the planet? At the dawn of 2011, there were 925 million hungry people around the world. By the end of the year, weather disasters and rising food prices can bring this figure to one billion, the peak of 2008. In a world that provides enough food to feed everyone, because so many people suffer from hunger? The list of answers is impressively long, coarse and often almost always polarized. International trade too. The commercialisation of agriculture. A romantic obsession for peasant agriculture. Little investment in biotechnology. The galloping population growth. When I graduated in medicine, in 1980, died of starvation a child every 4 seconds. Today, in 2014, not only that nothing has changed, despite having the whole world reached and surpassed the self-sufficiency in the production of food needs, but above all died of complications of diabetes in the world about an adult every 7 seconds. The artist describes not only beautiful and universal in time and space, the concepts of a carnal man’s salvation concrete and although of very high spirituality, but anticipates no less than 50 years, (1607-1656), even pictures of the terrible plague that kills 3 people well in Naples on 4, whose causes were well illustrated in the framework, but that no one is Catholic gentlemen clientsthat especially the Government of the time including: the profound socio-economic degradation and especially hygienic of tumultuous early 17th century Naples. Only the Church of Naples, in total contrast with the rigid Inquisition of the era, understands the deep Catholic and prophetic value of the Visual message of Caravaggio and doesn’t have a single second’s hesitation to consider those images also exceptionally erotic, sacred, and exposes you to prayer and meditation of the faithful on the altar of a church. Caravaggio expresses not only the universal concept of the 7 corporal works of mercy, but perfectly, photographing the tumultuous and chaotic life of alleys of Naples, illustrates and anticipates perfectly hygienic sanitary causes of disaster that will break out about 50 years later. Naples had become a town sovrapopolata in a few years for tax policy of the Spanish occupiers. Had reached and surpassed Paris as number of inhabitants in a few years but without any parallel development is that of urban water and sewer system, totally inadequate to accommodate this population. Nobody understood the sense in terms of hygiene of the image of the dead coming out "horizontally and with their feet before", as since says to Naples, the same building where banchetta and where it is prostituting herself, as well as suggests the violently erotic image of woman who suckles the breast old convict. . Original data could be found reading this weblink.

Mogherini, Radhakrishnan: “Responsibility and pride, there is a new generation of leaders”.

Federica Mogherini’s appointment as high representative for foreign policy "is a sign that a new generation of leaders takes over the leadership of continental institutions, in my opinion, a very important factor. And for us is confirmation of an important responsibility. I wouldn’t call accountability and even a shred of pride, today, as well as emotion and humble courage ".  So the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, tonight, in the night between Saturday and Sunday, said the choice of the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs by the European Council for the Chair that is now Catherine Ashton. "The Europe that we want is not just constraints, spread, budget and economy," claimed Renzi. "The Europe that we want is in Erbil, in the heart of Kurdistan, is in Baghdad, is in the Syrian heights, is in Libya and in the difficult relationship between Europe and Russia. That’s why foreign policy is very, very important, because I’m happy on the one hand for the work they will perform, and Angela on the other hand also on behalf of Italy, because a competent woman, young, expression of a party who has obtained a great result at the last election, is called by the heads of State and Government to engage with the European diplomacy. " "I emphasize and repeat Word for Word the Giorgio Napolitano’s statement on the role of Italy," said the President of the Council ". The President of the Republic, in a statement, had written to see in the nomination "an important recognition" for the country, which has also been able to give "a positive contribution to the solution of the problem of new positions of European Union Summit. It was indeed appreciated the designation, by the Italian Government, a female candidate ". As for the "choice of successor or successora" for the Farnesina, Renzi said "there are two months, we have ample time". Because the new Commission, whose Mogherini also becomes vice President, takes office only in November. The premier, who has used Twitter hot to make the wishes of "good work" in the Polish premier Mogherini Donald Tusk, who was elected President of the European Council, has left the spokesman Filippo Sensi to remember, always on the social network, "when the editorialists were against", "when the Paris Summit, it turned out that name" and "when they said they would never have happened". In essence, for the Government’s appointment is a victory but also a slap in the face to "owls" convinced that the candidacy of Mogherini, considered inexperienced and accused of being overly "pro-Russian", it would not be passed.   About the crisis in Ukraine, Renzi has also spoken of the possibility of new sanctions against Russia, advanced in the Summit of twenty-eight. From which came out what looks like an ultimatum: Angela Merkel said that "If there will be a significant change within one week" the EU will launch new measures. "The word ultimatum seems a bit excessive," was the comment by Radio, "there is a time during which we will monitor technical developments of the situation. There is full awareness of the difficulty, is in play on the idea of Europe and the relationship with the nearby larger than Europe, which is the Russia that could play a role, if it were in the international community, such as in dialogue with Syria ". Therefore, In line with the position always held by Italy. That strengthens against the negative impact of the embargo on the export Italian sanctioned by Moscow on food products. But Renzi has held previously to quell criticism of the role of economic interests in international choices: "there is a big political issue that cannot be resolved by discussion ‘ that the country doesn’t want to because he is afraid of losing something. ‘"   . You can click this to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Aubry seeks mentorship to rents for Lille and other cities.

The PS of Lille Martine Aubry Mayor asked Saturday that his city, recognized as the third most expensive city of France and other volunteer cities, also benefit from the coaching of the Rentalsman that the Government wants for the moment limited to Paris. We ask that, like Paris, Lille and other volunteer cities benefit from mentoring of rents statutory Alur in compliance with the undertaking 22 François Holland, said Mrs. Aubry in a statement, in the aftermath of the announcement by Prime Minister Manuel Valls as coaching rents would be limited to Paris and conducted on an experimental basis. Paris is not the only city of France in need of rent regulation, said Ms Aubry in the statement co-signed by Audrey Linkenheld, MP PS North and Councillor delegated to Lille Habitat and co-rapporteur of the Alur Act plan. -determined to succeed – the fact that it does address that Paris is incomprehensible to the french real estate market and the situation in a number of territories where rents beyond the means of many people, said Ms. Linkenheld told AFP. In release Mrs. Aubry noted that it is of course true, in the words used by the Prime Minister, that ++ technical conditions are not all met ++ to fix it now in the most strained cities of our country’s local reference rents. How could it be otherwise a few months after the adoption of the Alur Act? In Lille, for over a year now, we are working in anticipation of legal obligations, said Mrs. Aubry: more that ever, we are committed to completing this work. Our city has sorely need for a national system to locally regulate its rents and reconcile them actual financial capability of its inhabitants, while preserving the profitability of investors, said Ms. Aubry. According to Mrs. Linkenheld, the prior evaluation work of rents in the metropolitan area of the greater Lille is already well advanced and it will take about six months to complete it, in consultation with communities, real estate professionals and departmental information on dwellings (Abdullah) Agency. Prime Minister Manuel Valls was unveiled Friday a series of measures designed to relaunch the housebuilding, which includes a series of tax carrots in the direction of investors and returned to the generalized framework of rents, the candidate François Holland’s campaign promise. Former ecologist Cécile Duflot had called Friday to unprecedented decision to limit the supervision of rents in Paris. It had been voted by unanimity of the majority and the Prime Minister alone announces its abandonment she had denounced. It is a gift to the lobbies, had regretted Ms Duflot. It gave way to a communication and operation of intoxication forgetting hundreds of thousands or even millions of people who suffer from the housing crisis, continued the ecologist leader who believes that had the means to act. Asked about the coincidence of this release with the summer University somewhat stormy of the PS in La Rochelle to which Mrs. Aubry, close some of its Socialist deputies, of whom does not attend, Ms. Linkenheld replied: frankly, it is a combination of circumstances. This was weeks expected announcements from the Government on housing, and it is that they are fallen yesterday, she said. A point of view that also supported the entourage of Mrs. Aubry in these terms: If the decisions announced yesterday it had been before, we would have reacted as quickly and in the same way. . Main data could be read reading this

+++ Ukraine NewsTicker +++: Lithuania-President: Russia in the war against Europe.

Federal President Joachim Gauck urges Europe to unity in the Ukraine crisis. The daily reports from the Ukraine are Very much cause for concern, said Gauck in Maastricht at the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Netherlands. In the presence of Heads of State of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg the President reminiscent of the alleged downing of a passenger aircraft over the Eastern Ukraine on 17 July. In these weeks of heavy, it is all the more important that we stand together in Europe and in the Western world, he says. Common values and achievements should be kept. The EU Summit is To give new sanctions against Russia in order according to the French President, François hollande. The development is so serious that the Council must respond, said hollande in Brussels. The European Commission will now certainly commissioned to take further steps. Also the Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte calls for strong action by the Europeans. It must also be checked what effect would the previous economic sanctions on Russia’s economy. In the face of the fighting in the East of Ukraine more than 130 000 have applied according to Moscow authority so far Ukrainians in Russia of refugee status. Total people from the embattled regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in Russia have settled since the outbreak of the conflict in April around 820. 000, communicated by the migration authority in Moscow. EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the head of Ukrainian State Petro Poroshenko warn one No more to stop escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. We are in a position Very much serious, dramatic, says Barroso in Brussels after discussions with Poroshenko over the conflict with Russia. We could have a situation in which we reach a point where there is no turning back. After investigation of the usage of Russian soldiers in the Ukraine, a regional member of the Yabloko opposition party has been his party according to beat up and injured. Yabloko tells Lew Schlosberg had been attacked on the eve of three unknown. The 51 have suffered injuries to the head and the eyes, he was in the hospital, says his wife, the radio station Moscow echo. He had suffered a concussion and could No more remember the attack. Schlosberg representing Yabloko in the city of Pskov, which lies north-west of the capital Moscow. A few days ago, he had participated in the secret burial of soldiers, had apparently been killed in the Ukraine. According to an employee Schlosberg and his entourage think that fight from the region of Pskov, about one hundred soldiers in the Ukraine. Searches are difficult, because to keep the families of the soldiers covered. Who is this silence?, Schlosberg asked recently in a local newspaper. Russian tanks and pro-Russian separatists are according to Ukrainian in the East of Ukraine on the rise. Russian tanks had destroyed virtually every house in the village Nowoswitliwka, a military spokesman says. The Ukrainian Security Council tells about Twitter, Russia will continue the direct military aggression against the Eastern Ukraine. The Government in Moscow has rejected accusations, their soldiers are in the Ukraine in use. The Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski called invasion of the Russian action in the Eastern Ukraine. Europe and the Western world are now faced with the question, how to effectively respond, he says the Germany radio culture and the Germany radio. Can we Putin hold the Russia of President (Vladimir), to form new political spheres of influence, which would mean the restoration of the Russian Empire, Komorowski said. It go not only to political interests, but about what will become of Europe, a Europe of Cossacks, or a democratic. . You can visit the following to learn more on this amazing topic.

Justice, torts: strict on magistrates. Changes the Statute of limitations.

At the end, and after a long negotiation with the new centre-right allies, the keeper of Justice package Obosu arrives in its entirety on the table of the Council of Ministers. There everything, both the civil and the criminal law: a law to reduce the backlog of 5 million civil cases and to determine how strongly wanted by premier Renzi-that by next summer the sar courts working suspension only 25 days against the current 45, accompanied by six Bills. Apart from the reform of the Csm, postponed for "institutional garb" as you insedier the new Council, the new civil liability of magistrates. Who misses pay, announces Renzi. And immediate protest of the Anm that sees the Elimination of appeals filter punitive reform: it launches the message that justice works evil because the judges make mistakes, says the Secretary of the Union of "togas" Maurizio coal. MEDIATION But the Cdm also comes the go-ahead to more slippery and communion-points: eavesdropping, prescription, false accounting, laundering and limits on appeals. Orlando is right to say that we reached a point of equilibrium that is anything but a foregone conclusion, given that the story behind us (with reference to Pd and Ncd, ndr) very different. But each mediation involves reversals of position. The alfaniani, with the Deputy Minister of Justice Ernico coast, can sing victory for having cashed the civil liability of togas and interceptions, while the latter in the form of a delegation that the Government must exercise within a year. The Democratic Party held on prescription, which goes through an ordinary Bill but against which the Anm speaks of lack of courage: prescription locked for two years after the conviction at first instance and for a year if the sentence confirmed on appeal. Not the mark Ncd on the proposal to modulate the stop prescription depending on the seriousness of the offence, but gets a transitory clause that enforce the recalculation only to convictions after the entry into force of the law. Green light to the reform of the appeals, prohibiting an appeal in cassation in the case of double judgment of conviction or acquittal compliant with the limits on the appeals. This point, which had seen the contrariet of Ncd and criminal, but on which the Government will go forward anyway albeit by proxy. FALSE ACCOUNTING during a long pre-advice (arrived to take up more of the meeting of Ministers itself) any perplessit would have been raised by the Ministry of economic development on the formulation of false accounting which, in economic crime on ddl, back to toughen the penalties for false accounting (three to eight for the publicly-traded company) with procedibilit a lawsuit for small companies that cannot access to bankruptcy. By TAPPING draft bill on economic crime, then, gone a change to anti-corruption law of 2012 that was supposed to cover the offence of extortion not only for the public but for the official in charge of public service. Apart from the texts on Civil and on the reform of the judiciary, other honorary are still "open", because unless approved arrangements. Those on appeals and on wiretapping, first. Orlando and Renzi ensure that none vuolemettere gags, or reduce the investigative tool, but only study pi tools suitable to avoid the spread of news that is not criminalised, without prejudice to the comparison with publishers and editors of newspapers. Delegation draft on wiretapping you d a year to the Government to ensure through provisions which have an impact on the utilization modes of supervision and catchments results that give a precise procedural hearing scanning of intercettativo material selection. The whole thing could result with ban to transcribe all the plays in the interim injunction and a hearing excerpt to decide what is relevant and what is not. The package Obosu ready but will have to go through the fire of magistrates, lawyers and-more importantly-follow a parliamentary process that, as justice, is among the most easy. To Italy Force now and Berlusconi remained at the window to watch. . You should visit the following to learn extra about this great subject.

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