Retail sales were down 3.1 percent in August, it resists only discount.

With difficulty, resist discounters and specialty stores. The rest is the usual catastrophe. Also in August retail sales recorded by Istat giving ground, the 0.1% in monthly seasonally adjusted terms, the 3.1% YOY. A braking, the fourth in a row, equally distributed among non-food more pronounced for shops ( -4.8%) but also in the larger surfaces with a drop that touches the two points for reality over 50 employees. Looking through the categories is not a positive signal: only the best is for toys, during the braking of a percentage point. The sectors most affected are stationery and books, appliances and computers, with inflections between 5 and 6 percent. It must be said, however, that particularly in the non-food sector, Istat data record in the data are not perfectly homogeneous time, because retail sales today are threatened not just by declining consumer spending but also by the increasing channelling purchases through the web, excluded from the statistical area. Part of the reduction is therefore indexes tied to success in online sales, arrive according to the latest estimates to overcome widely the ten billion with growth rates in double figures. . For additional regarding this topic click hyperlink.

Amazon, quarter still in red: disappoint the outlook.

Milan-in the third quarter of the year, Amazon has scored a wider loss estimates despite rising revenues of 20%: giant American investment in e-commerce continue to weigh on the bottom line of the budget. In the period ended Sept. 30, the passive was equal to 427 million dollars (95 cents per share) against a loss of 41 million (9 cents per share) for the same period last year. Analysts were expecting a loss per share from 74 cents. Sales rose to 20.58 billion from 17.09 billion, in line with the Group’s forecasts of July between 19.7 and 21.5 billion but below the consensus of 20.8 billion. Operating expenses grew from 21.12 billion from 17.12 billion. Investors, who so far have forgiven the Seattle group in light of continued revenue growth, yesterday decided to sell the title, in after-hours arrived to cede more than 10 percent. The reason lies in the disappointment caused by the outlook for the current quarter, Amazon expects sales at -30.3 27.3 billion against expectations to 30.86 billion. . For additional data on this subject read

Cambadelis: PS, this means party socialist,. and not PlayStation.

Mr Cambadelis and Mr 13%, PS there is much a policy with a social project unchanged since that started in 2007 and high-level officials who call themselves social democratic and lately your Prime Minister that initially adds a liberal wing to PS/L what change us the logo in PSL now it wishes to change the symbol in PS – DL (liberal social democratic party?) with a decidedly liberal society project, in short he wants to endorse the draft Nicolas Sarkozy that we have ceased to implement since 2012 in order to not unravel did during his disastrous quinquenat Mr 13% being much more inclined than its predecessor to the respect of people from french toothless wishes him to also make the France a country or the misery of the people reign permanently in master! Beware, unless in your liberal project you have planned to annihilate the universal suffrage the maturities of 2017 will be devastating or won’t!. For extended information about this subject visit fact.

Snow, the new collections very light and super tech.

Flying in the snow in lightness, even clothing. Warm, breathable garments but especially light. For the winter outside the "Ski Collection" went to the pursuit of excellence in both the materials and the technical content of the proposed leaders, both for the elegance of the shapes. The common denominator is still snow clothes that allow maximum freedom of movement and comfort in all conditions. Opens October 30 at Fiera di Modena, "Pass", the exhibition of tourism and winter sports. A showcase for feeling the pulse of what will be the fashion on the slopes, but also in his spare time the white season. High-quality leaders dedicated to skiers with the right balance between function, lightness and Alpine spirit. Breathable and warm collections, clean minimalist style, too. Solid colors on the outside but gaudy internally. Without neglecting the classic fit for classical skiers and not just adrenaline. Ideal to wear jackets on the track and in the après-ski as well in the city. Models that allow the adjustment of mechanical temperature with ventilation channels that are quickly out excess heat depending on weather conditions and physical effort. Heads totally protected from water, wind, with new fabrics in multiple layers, and taped closures. Pants by fit, young, light and breathable. A high-tech approach that while innovation and use of strong colors went back to sobriety. In the picture, a new collection of clothing for cross-country Helly Hansen (Massimo Spampani). Root facts may be found clicking this

Syria: the jihadists of the EIS shall not take Kobane, according to Washington.

Attempts by the Group Islamic State (EI) to seize the Syrian city of Kobane were blocked and the Kurdish fighters should be able to stand up with the help of the anti-jihadist coalition air strikes, officials said American officials Thursday.  The front between the IC and the Kurdish forces lines have not moved since last week and "I think that advocates Kurdish (,.). will be able to resist", said a U.S. official of the Defense under the cover of anonymity. The international coalition air strikes for the Organization of the Islamic State (AR) fighters were visible from the border Turkish Thursday, a photographer from AFP saw jihadists fleeing the raid.  Four activists of the EIS were deployed on the Hill of Tilsehir, West of the Kurdish Kobane city, when the raid began at about 18: 00 local, said the photographer. On hearing the coalition aircraft, jihadis rushed down the Hill to seek refuge in trenches, probably carved by the Kurdish fighters who previously controlled the area.  After the bombing, the photographer saw jihadists to flee, while the Kurds resumed control of the Hill. The positions of the EIS and the Kurdish fighters evolve regularly since the beginning of fighting in Kobane, no camp being able to take a decisive advantage in this battle.  The coalition strikes killed in one month more than 500 jihadists in Syria, while the peshmergas promised as reinforcements by Iraqi Kurdistan could support weight Kobane defenders. . Extended text can be read clicking

Dax is distinct from the trade.

With a by 1.20 percent to 9047,31 points was the barometer of the stock market on Thursday from trade and thus increased significantly the third day in a row. The MDax gained 0.71 percent to 15 693,79 points. Only the TecDax joined mit plus 0.12 percent to 1209,66 points on the site. He was burdened mainly by the price slump of the LPKF laser technology specialists. The optimism again slightly increased for the first time in three months by companies in the euro zone, all ahead in Germany, had the stock market buoyancy pulses delivered. In addition, the mood in the industry had improved in China. In the United States, he brought the courses in driving more than appreciated unusual rise in the leading indicators. The increase in signal a robust economic development so that growth worries appeared overblown, commented analyst John Jacinto of Helaba. With views of the stock exchanges in Europe and the United States was up strongly for the EuroStoxx 50. The leading index for the euro zone rose by 1.19 percent to 3044,30 points and also the leading index in Paris closed more than 1 per cent in the plus. The gains in London, however, were modest. In the United States the Dow advanced to the European trading Jones on Wall Street by 1.5 percent and the NASDAQ stock market rose 1.7 percent. . Inspirational data may be studied checking the following website.

Death of Margerie: drivers have ‘seen’ the snow thrower, without thinking of a ‘threat ‘.

The veil rises gently on the circumstances of the crash which Monday evening claimed the lives of the boss of Total, Christophe de Margerie, as well as two pilots and a flight attendant. The first elements of the investigation by the Russian experts assisted by their french counterparts, the track was ‘free’ when the Falcon 50 was cleared for take-off at Moscow Vnukovo airport. Second crucial element: the drivers have ‘seen’ the snow cross track but were not considered him as a "threat". A few seconds later, and for reasons that remain to be determined, the jet launched 248 km/h yet struck this snow thrower before crashing on the back and catch fire on the track. According to the representative of the Russian experts, Alexei Morozov, "the track was so free when take-off clearance has been confirmed" pilots. But ten seconds later, ‘monitoring instruments detected the movement of a snowplow on the left shoulder of the track towards the crossroads.  No dialogue was recorded between the flight crew and the control tower, after the authorization to take off, said Alexei Morozov. "About 14 seconds after the start of the take-off, the crew observed an object identified by him as a machine which crosses the road. The observed object (the snow) was not considered as a threat by the crew, take-off continued normally,"he said. Fourteen seconds later, the aircraft collided with the plow and struck it at 248 km/h while he had already taken off, according to the Russian expert.  "After the collision, (the aircraft) began to switch from the right side", then is crushed, he said. One experts from the Bureau of investigations and analyses, François Hochart, said that the black boxes were not ‘damaged ‘.  "Everything gets, there is nothing damaged," he insisted. His team will return in France Friday.  "We have helped the MAK (Bureau of investigation for the safety of the Russian civil aviation, Editor’s note) for the first part of the investigation, and then it is they who will continue", explained at a press conference.  "We are here to help", he stressed. "We have a long experience of cooperation with the MAK. In the judicial component of the survey, the driver of the plow was placed Thursday in custody until December 21 by a Moscow court. The employee of 60 years, Vladimir Martynenko, had 0.6 grams of alcohol per litre of blood at the time of the accident, according to Russian experts, that his lawyer denies. During his first interrogation, the man had said to have "lost (his) benchmarks. According to his lawyer, he was part of a column of snow plows but fell behind on his colleagues after having to stop for a technical check.   Russian investigators have also placed Thursday in police custody four employees at the Vnukovo airport. It’s the head of track cleaners, flight control manager, of the aiguilleuse of the sky, a novice hired in August, who controlled the aircraft, and by his superior who supervised her. . Related facts can be inspected reading

Shooting in Ottawa: the mother of the shooter in anger against his son.

The letter is brief but poignant. The mother of the deceased Michael Zaman-Bibeau, the perpetrator of the shooting on Wednesday in the Canadian capital Ottawa, in which the gunman and a soldier were killed, has sent a letter to the Associated Press Agency Thursday afternoon. In it, she expresses all the pain and dread that a mother can feel upon discovering that her son sank into terrorism. The mother begins by expressing the sadness that she and her husband feel at the moment: we are very sad that a man has lost his life. He lost everything and he left behind a family that must feel nothing else than emptiness and sorrow. We send them our deepest sympathies, although the words seem rather unnecessary. Most remarkable in such occasions, the mother ensures be angry with his son. I do not understand, and part of me wants to hate it at the moment, she says. Parents entrust have no explanation to offer to explain the gesture of the shooter. You write that our son was vulnerable, we were unaware of it. He was lost and would not fit in the mold. Me, mother, I talked to him last week during a dinner. I had not seen the previous five years. So I have little to offer to enlighten you. . Inspirational facts may be read visiting the following

The body found is Elena baskets.

«At the end of specific analysis conducted by a specialized Institute of Turin delegate about investigating judicial authority-informs the provincial command of the carabinieri in Asti-, it was found that the dna of Mrs. Elena baskets, disappeared on January 24, 2014 from their home of Costigliole d’Asti, is compatible with that of the corpse found on 18 October to Isola d’Asti in the locality of Chiappa. The woman’s family members have been informed by some officers of the Provincial Police command of Asti. Investigations continue in the tightest secrecy. " The body was found about two miles away from the House of the woman in a drain and immediately had thought might be her. Find it, in an advanced state of decomposition, some municipal employees engaged in cleaning the bed of the Canal. Elena baskets, 37 years, married to a firefighter and mother of 4 children, as mentioned, was the disappearance of the 24 House last January. Her husband had told him that at 8 a.m. on that day, the woman had asked him to accompany children to school because she felt bad. The last to miss were the neighbors who would have seen moving in the yard of the House inside the gate. Her husband’s return, after about an hour, the woman was already gone home leaving the cell phone, eyeglasses and usually wore a jacket to go out. . You can read this to discover extra regarding this interesting subject.

Oil, kidnappings, protection duties: strongest terrorist group in the world is.

The Dschihadistenorganisation Islamic State (IS) is the world’s best funded terrorist organization according to the US Government. Apart from some State-support of competent in the U.S. Treasury Department for counter terrorism officials David Cohen at an event of the Carnegie Endowment Institute extremists groups have a such a broad funding base, no militant Organization for international peace said. Every day a million dollars into the coffers of God flows through the oil production at the refineries IS fighters captured in the Iraq and Syria since mid-June. The oil will initially sold on the black market to Kurds in the Iraq and then to Turkey. There is also evidence indicating that the Syrian Government in the illegal transactions was involved, Cohen said. Under the leadership of the United States, an international military alliance currently fighting the jihadists from the air. The oil assets controlled by the militia of IS are an important goal. By kidnappings, at least $20 million took IS according to the Treasury this year. Kidnapping and ransom demands now represent the greatest terrorist threat, Cohen stressed. The international community must pursue a common line and should not negotiate with the kidnappers, Cohen asked. He criticised the fact that several European countries for abducted journalists and other hostages have paid several million dollars to the jihadists in this spring. . You should click this to read more about this amazing subject.

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