Barack Obama pivots towards Asia, despite Ukraine

This assumption is challenged by a part of the American establishment was convinced that the confrontation with Putin should absorb America and distracted by extension the rest of his agenda. The fact that the Secretary of State John Kerry and the national security adviser Susan Rice have spent their time in the Middle East and [...]

Local finance: the impossible budget equation?

The year 2014 she will remain an "annus horribilis" for local communities? Begun under the Ayrault government, policy statement by the Prime Minister on April 8 and presentation, a week later, the plan to reduce 50 billion of public expenditure considerably amplified saving measures imposed communal block, one of the most significant is probably down [...]

+ + + Ukraine-Newsticker + + +: In the eastern Ukraine threatens to escalate

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry expresses sharp criticism of the conduct of Russia in Ukraine crisis. In a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Lavrov he shows himself, according to a U.S. diplomat "extremely concerned" about "the lack of positive Russian measures for de-escalation" in the conflict. Kerry had also threatened with a tightening of [...]

Washington monitors “very close” a possible North Korean nuclear test

U.S. monitor "very closely" the activities of Pyongyang, said Tuesday the White House, after South Korea had raised clues to a possible fourth nuclear test at the approach of a visit of Barack Obama in the region. "North Korea is customary acts of provocation, and we always have in mind the possibility of such acts [...]

Attempted eviction of former military district busy: tension in Pisa

Pisa, April 22 – (Adnkronos) – Tension in Pisa this morning when the police tried to evict the former military district, occupied by a couple of months from the Town Hall of the commons, the network of associations, groups and movements that claim l ' assignment of the property disposed of for a long time [...]

Higher yields than at home – So collect as interest-German tourists in banks abroad

The lure for German savers is greater than ever to invest their money with its European neighbors. The French bank Crédit Agricole offers currently at 1.75 percent, the highest fixed deposit interest rates in Germany. They are followed by Austrian banks and Dutch banks. It was only in seventh place is the first German bank. [...]

Woods: I want three children and a companion, not only amendments

The attacks of women hurt me more addition to talking about the government plans to reform and controversies that have sparked responds to criticism received from you personally: "I try to respond with a smile and do not let me discourage But if an attack comes from a Woman hurt me more. Why all women, [...]

U.S. Supreme Court: “No to racial quotas in universities'

with a decision that could influence other states and that according to the movements for civil rights is a weakening of the protection of minorities. A touchy subject, on which the White House has so far refrained from making comments. We are still reviewing the decision, which has just been issued and therefore do not [...]

Thomas Piketty, an American star

Translated into English and launched in the U.S. market in early March, six months after its publication in France in late August 2013, the book, which analyzes the evolution of inequality for three centuries in a dozen countries, has already climbed into the Top 50 Amazon. The press even compared its influence to that of [...]

Education Reforms: “The urban society is not a self”

Berenberg: Life does not change so much when I do the Abitur at the Gymnasium in eight or nine years. In the suburbs there are rather the parents who make the children stress. The losing their childhood, so that was 10 years ago, because they make Mom and Dad the calendar with language courses and [...]

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