“today be peasant, it has become an impossible job.

The president of the FNSEA Xavier Beulin has estimated that Morlaix fire Friday caused by a hundred of vegetable in anger reflected a frustration against regulations and warned the Government that the tension rose in the countryside.   It is an action of some violence which translates unfortunately an exasperation, a very strong distress in farming today. I feel this tension mount in the countryside, he said Saturday to AFP by telephone. Xavier Beulin called nevertheless for dialogue and calm, and asked the Government to immediately implement the lifting of certain constraints instead of Add. There is a point where farmers will exceed their leaders (of trade unions and chambers of agriculture ED), they will be more heard, be careful this situation that rises, he worried. The trade union leader explained that in addition to the economic problems facing vegetable, with markets very degraded at the moment, the Russian embargo and a climatic situation still difficult, it is the weight of regulation, the weight of constraints which becomes unbearable. For Xavier Beulin, today farmers are afraid to exercise their profession, because when they come out in their fields when they are working with their livestock, they immediately fear the controls because something was not well made, because they have not fulfilled a good box on a form, it has become an impossible job. .

André Bergeron, former leader of FO, died.

André Bergeron, former general Secretary of Force Ouvrière (1963-1989), died during the night at the age of 92, told AFP Saturday the number one FO, Jean-Claude Mailly. He participated in the creation of the Force Ouvrière Union before becoming general Secretary for 26 years. Born January 1, 1922, André Bergeron became an apprentice typographer at the age of 14, in a printing of the Belfort territory and participates in the strikes of 1936. After the war and years of forced labour in Austria, in 1948 he participated in the creation of FO, whose activists come from the ranks of the CGT. Becoming general Secretary of FO in 1963, André Bergeron will occupy the front of the social scene until 1989. It will be repeatedly offered a ministerial portfolio but will decline all requests. During the events of may 68, he gets the employers that the minimum wage be increased to three francs then that the CGT and Jacques Chirac, commissioned by the Prime Minister of the time Georges Pompidou, agreed on 2.70 francs. During this period, André Bergeron, who retired in 1989, will embody a decidedly reformist trade unionism turned towards compromise, FO as the interlocutor privileged employers and the State. President of the Institute of social history, Member of the European Confederation of free trade unions, Mr. Bergeron repeatedly chaired the governing body of the national system of unemployment insurance, the Unedic. André Bergeron wrote several books including Force Ouvrière, open letter to a syndicated in 1975, I claim common sense in 1996, and his memoirs in 2002. .

Weekly market: The cooking veal.

If you cook a piece of meat in a Fund, can also do, read a newspaper, Googled, on the balcony smoking cigarettes (the latter is unhealthy but if you Not yet have gotten to it): because the hot broth does all the work. You get a calf nut, a lean piece of belonging to the Club, not packaged in the supermarket. I chose this ingredient on purpose, so that you look again at your butcher. Sure, REWE is practical and has now also a gourmet corner, but the people do not know there often what they actually sell. A butcher, however, makes love to tangle in a conversation and knows many recipes beyond current food trends. Mine said that the calf nut is best prepared: onion, carrot, bay leaf, lemon peel, parsley stems, allspice, salt, peppercorns, white wine and water in a pot To give, and so A lot that the piece of meat is covered. You are however Not yet that, initially, the Fund will be boiled, then turned down the temperature. Only then comes the meat in the pot. The broth should during the cooking time – don’t cook 1 hour and 15 minutes – but only a little bubble. Larger pieces, the cooking time will be extended. The cooking sample goes like: insert with a meat fork – if the meat easily slip off the fork, it is done. (Has it absorbed in the foam of the broth during cooking and you can use them for a soup, for example.) .

Referendum of independence in Scotland: and if everything was just beginning?

Because between the crosses made of Saint-Georges and Saint-André was distinguished a singular hostility, indifference and greed, where you knew more precisely attacked, which exactly defended,. Because despite four hundred years of patronage and propaganda, Scotland is in no case the rural extension of England. It is a seriously different land including the Tweed river of tranquil appearance, form in reality a border between two dissimilar nations. The traditions are different, the ideological anchor also and more picky will see even in focus another sign of distinction. On the military plan, think of a country whose nuclear power is truncated (weapons in Scotland), presenting so involved his presence permanent to the Security Council of the United Nations? Finally on the economic front, the confused debate on the loss of oil resources and the evolution of the book showed well ambient uncertainty prevailing around of the future economics of the United Kingdom. Only Scotland decides the future of England and is in no way obliged to worry about the fate of the State that she could leave: How can Ed Miliband still appeal to a spirit of national unity? But Scotland finally said no, as if becoming a nation was too intimidating. Because if Scotland is confident of its ability to be Scottish, Scots who were afraid not to take the right decision on behalf of Scotland. The esoteric details on which focused the campaign, and Alex Salmond who, feeling the noble Sir William Wallace Braveheart tunes, is the Bard of Scottish and reduces nationalism axis democratic to a simple Yes/No, these are all examples of a narrowness of mind which could well lead to a disaster that the proclamation of the free Ireland State was the symbol in 1920. These gentlemen Miliband and Cameron can now think of their future re-elections, reassured perhaps, changed especially. Because in this campaign, the real winner was neither yes nor not but awareness of a deep split in the United Kingdom as a cultural entity and political. However, in this necessary reform of the United Kingdom, England has over what role to play. She has promised greater autonomy for Scotland. But respect is not built to kick of administrative decentralization, much less by the dint of promises of opulence. It is therefore can be through this cry of independence that the union took its full meaning. Consciousness comes to the day with the revolt said Camus. Yesterday, Scotland and the United Kingdom have become aware that this identity crisis and this desire of leak, only a deepening of relations could enable them to rescue each other. The Scots, who have resurrected their Parliament in 1999, seem unready to exalt themselves for the cause of independence and strong thankfully. But in their words and their actions, they bind tightly the use of reason to the teachings of experience to oppose a Conservative Government deaf to the protests. A new manifestation of an empiricism in sum, including the Scottish philosopher David Hume would have been proud. Therefore understand the result of this referendum as a hope and a new beginning: Scotland has said no, but she warned. Only a coherent and balanced integration can justify the union. The issue is behind us now but it does illuminate the future: how not to see the reference to a European identity crisis who cannot get out of the fog that finally accepting integration more thrust. If you differ from me my brother, far from harming me, you enrich me said Saint-Exupery: and if finally we recognise that Europe is a sibling who has any interest to know?

End of life of Sadr, an unjustified public controversy.

Each will have its own interpretation of the conditions and the context in which occurs this informed decision by the second notice of a medical team of the CHU Henri Mondor (AP – HP) and the consultation of space of ethical reflection of the Poitou-Charentes region. He reminded us that good professional practice of resuscitation of waiting have been met, and it is certainly on the basis of incontestable scientific evaluation criteria that the decision-making process leads to the cessation of ongoing care. Since its birth, August 31, this newborn has benefited the expertise and skills of professionals aware of the dilemmas to which confronts resuscitation in a context of vital distress. This even more than 15 years the birth of premature infants increased by 45%. Advances in neonatal resuscitation, the consequences of medically assisted procreation, the late age of some pregnancies to explain this phenomenon. Every day 180 children are born in this context, more or less extreme prematurity. An international consensus has been for not undertaking resuscitation before 23 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone can imagine the confusion and sometimes the horror of parents who hoped the happy events, discovering a new born so different from their idealized representation of the baby, assisted by invasive techniques that can be likened to a form of biomedical measurement. In a notice of September 14, 2000 (Notice No. 65, "Reflections around the neonatal resuscitation") the national consultative Ethics Committee details with many narrowly the challenges of this phase so delicate, yet necessary for the observation of the child and to the arbitration of a prognosis. He resumed the quality work done by learned societies (ethical commission of the French society of Neonatology) and others aware of the importance of a reflective framework for investigating decisions which are in all circumstances to a contextual approach to case by case. Take into account the direct interest of a child who cannot in any way express his choice (if it is showing such an intent of life that he sometimes thwarts the prognoses and evolves later in his life with a fighting spirit forged in this experiment), while creating the conditions for a trusting and caring relationship with parents who must be able to fall under decision to which nothing of prepares themNotes procedures shared by all of the teams of Neonatology. It is important to clarify that, in the resuscitation of waiting phase (it may be situated over a period of several weeks), the comfort of the child is ensured, that its constant surveillance is provided by attentive to quality of life teams, sedatives are administered if necessary to avoid any pain. But an essential part of living in those long moments is that so special and strong relationship with a vulnerable being, engaging parents and caregivers in a report of proximity and concern which also affects the decisions to be taken. It is important that after this time needed in clinical investigation, to the evaluation of scientific data and criteria that will prevail in the decision making, arbitration is a collegiate procedure and finally a medical position. As required in the Act of 22 April 2005 on the rights of the sick and at the end of life, but also that parents do not have the feeling that they are directly responsible for a decision to be so fearsome consequences. I am not sure that Melanie and Aurélien do not arise later substantive issues that these procedures, looking long and binding, strive to anticipate and mitigate. Not even having the certainty I given the time needed to retain one option rather than another and that the choice (sometimes under the concept of ‘lesser evil’) is estimated, by consensus, like the one which proved better. Some services are used to promote the meeting between parents who refuse to any possibility of disability for their child with families who wished to accompany this loved in life, he was suffering from a handicap more or less heavy. They certainly evoke the difficulties related to the gaze neglecting or compassionate worn by society on the disabled person, to deficiencies in the home and the follow-up especially after the age of 20, this "galley" is overcome by deploying energy of each moment. But just as much true happiness to share this relationship with a person who expresses otherwise its life force, its requirement of relationship and recognition, mobilizing around it a solicitude which allows everyone to gain in humanity. The teams involved in the field of Neonatology have this culture of an ethical approach to vulnerability: they have competent that combine scientific rigour, the qualities of the medical follow-up requirement of humanity. Their concern is rarely a performance focus and, for myself, I know of none that would integrate the decision-making process a concerted advance what would be the conditions of existence of the child, the impact on the family of a disability moderate or heavy. These areas grey, uncertain of the first days, it is true that focus on the rights of the child to live rather than rush a decision of palliative care committed to share painful moments. Some are the availability of the teams, their worries to inform, communicate, support, many obstacles can impede this referred to a relationship which we understand the high significance. The news seems to attest. I expressed my concern to Melanie and Aurélien. We are at their side, who appeared so poor, distraught and lonely in the stories that aired early in the week. My thoughts go out to their son Tom, him whose fragile existence was exposed to a public controversy which does not seemed justified. It appears that little reconcilable with the respect that we owe to the sick person to publicly disclose medical data, including to justify a decision. I know what live daily neonatal resuscitation teams. It is important to show them to them also our consideration. It is not admissible that tomorrow the newborns that they welcome suffer the slightest prejudice to due to the emotion aroused by a publicized circumstance. Proceedings are even more essential benchmarks in a formidable context, because it is uncertain, evolving and likely to take decisions with major and irreversible consequences for a being who cannot consent. Finally, in the context of national consultation on the end of life, do I think it is not wise and in no case justified find pretext, in this news to a changing practices that we are witnesses, have proved to be relevant. .

Florida: a man kills his daughter and grandchildren 6 before committing suicide.

A man killed his daughter as well as six grandchildren with a firearm, prior to the death, in a small village of Florida, announced Thursday local police during a press conference. According to her, the children were aged from three months to 10 years. The suspect, identified as Don Charles Spirit and aged 51, himself alerted by telephone emergency services but when the police arrived on the spot, he had committed suicide, said the Sheriff of the County of Gilchrist (North Florida), Robert Schultz. I never saw nothing like. This County, this community will be collapsed after such an act. It is a small County, we belong to the same family, he said, specifying that an investigation was underway and that he could not give further details on the case. This incident should restart once more the debate on the possession of weapons in the United States, where 11. 000 people were murdered with firearms in 2011, according to the FBI. Shootings in schools in particular focused attention on the possibility of better control of weapons in the vicinity of schools. In August, a nine year old girl learning the handling of a Uzi sub-machine gun accidentally killed his instructor after losing control of the weapon. An expanded inspection faces fierce opposition from the powerful US gun lobby, invoking the second amendment of the Constitution protects the right of citizens to own weapons. .

Big Brother Data: our time is now counted and given.

A computer that initiates a watch connected to capture our health data to share with mutual, a distributor who anticipates our future purchases to reduce transport times, an insurer who scrutinizes them via our credit card to infer potential risk behaviours, social networks who advise restaurants movies according to our tastestaxi according to our geolocation, or hosting services who noted their clients: applications or projects to enhance our personal data are multiplying for the best: the enrichment of cultural visits to the anticipation of health risks individual or collective,. And the worst: predict how we think, prescribe our behaviors, anticipate our motivations to purchase, and identify our privacy! The exploitation of personal data is not new, but the scale of collection to the infinitesimally small time (all our fingerprints) and infinitely large (compared to all or part of humanity) via social networking, geolocation (GPS) and mobile is exponential. And without control. The issue often reduced to its technical dimension (data, open data, big data) has truly become a cultural, political and ethical issue short, civilization. And we have yet seen anything then proposed by manufacturers of connected everyday objects to aggregate our performance.   After the bare photos stolen from the cloud, that say the stars who will be flying daily statistics of readings, diets, health or. Depth (and privacy) personal data collected – while the individual is still conscious – allow third parties to identify our identity, our private and cultural life, past, present and future and sell them. Divorce – nevertheless filled with paradoxes because the amount of data continues to grow – between citizens and companies and States that preemptent their data is consumed, all studies show [3]. And citizens are not inactive. Parades are born, lures are implemented at the risk of digging inequalities between those who can pay more security, privacy and intellectual property protection and other. Deal with the emergency, an objective alliance now binds civil society which the requirement of reliance, security and protection is exacerbated and businesses who may not consider economic growth unless confidence can be restored. The quest exacerbated personal data must find a consideration: an ethic of transparency of data. The challenge is to make evidence of clarity on the rules of use of our personal data available to stakeholders in the net, to facilitate access, traceability and security. This approach is also a competitive and asset of reputation for the actors who will bend. With a guideline: respect for human dignity and cultural diversity. .

PHOTOS. 30 years in the tumultuous America.

In the book a photographer paradise parade thirty years of American history through the eyes of a frenchie fascinated by the bubbling social and cultural of his adopted country. Jean-Pierre Laffont, recognized photojournalist and former founding member of the agencies Gamma USA and Sygma, drew in its archives for us render in almost 350 images ranging from 1960 to 1990 the variety and the turbulence of an era: the movement for civil rights, to the electric chair in Sing Sing, a funeral of Robert F. Kennedy to the villages of hippiesthrough figures prominently and air time. The book is published by Glitterati Incorporated. In the book a photographer paradise parade thirty years of American history through the eyes of a frenchie fascinated by the bubbling social and cultural of his adopted country. Jean-Pierre Laffont, recognized photojournalist and former founding member of the agencies Gamma USA and Sygma, drew in its archives for us render in almost 350 images ranging from 1960 to 1990 the variety and the turbulence of an era: the movement for civil rights, to the electric chair in Sing Sing, a funeral of Robert F. Kennedy to the villages of hippiesthrough figures prominently and air time. The book is published by Glitterati Incorporated. In the Bronx in New York, July 20, 1972. Jean-Pierre Laffont: On every street corner, there are spaces of gratings with panels of basketball games. The Savage Skulls gang love climb to the fence and reincarnate the hero of the film West Side Story. The young members of the gang are of Puerto Rican origin and, as in all the gang, like to be in a group to feel strong. In Ossining, New York, in November 1970. Jean-Pierre Laffont: This is the infamous electric chair in Sing Sing prison, Upstate New York. You can also see the death row as shown in the novels and films. On the island of Guam in June 1972. Jean-Pierre Laffont: Loading of bombs in a B52. They will be dropped on the North Viet Nam six hours later. This unusual picture was published in double-page spread in the New York Times newspaper. Following this publication, my photos will appear in all American magazines and newspapers. .

Saudi Arabia: Twitter uprising against the morality police.

It started innocently about in a supermarket queue. Peter H., a Briton, was with his Saudi woman Abir H. in a shopping mall in Riyadh at the box office. Just stupidly he had chosen the cash for women with a female cashier. It was the Saudi vice squads suspect. Peter H. not issued however it. Then the scene escalated quickly. A secretly rotated video shows how one of the moral guardian of Peter H. jumps in the back. His wife Abir H. missed the morals police affiliated a back pipe. He comes after you. Get off of my wife!, the Briton gets wrathful. At the end, the British Embassy had to free the pair from the siege of the moral guardians. The social network is so widespread as in any other country in Saudi Arabia, and serves as a kind of surrogate Parliament for public debates in the absolute monarchy. The Royals responded: the four Customs guards involved in the incident have been fined after reports in Saudi media to Office work. Many Saudis however deem necessary the morality police despite the shocking incidents. Only she could prevent that go the customs in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Royals try to reform the moral guardians in tiny steps: So they were prompted now to meet the people with a smile. .

Infanticide of Berck: the troubling explanations of the mother.

According to information from the Paris this Thursday, September 18, the first psychological and psychiatric expertise Fabienne Kabou has been concluded in the absence of mental and psychic pathology. But nevertheless, the experts felt that his judgment was altered when the facts. That has since been viewed by other experts whose results are expected also delivered disturbing confessions, in late December, the investigating judge. She described this time where she is on the beach, his daughter in arms: I stand, I the greenhouse against me and then there, I don’t know, I say no, no, no, quit not to say no, I do not know why. I cry, and as if I was saying to someone, I can’t do a thing like that, but I do also reported daily. She says have been the object of an external force against whom she tried to resist. As if it were prey to this thing that the guiding and holding his hand now also explains his counsel on a daily basis. That night, only the Moon illuminates the beach. It is as if there was a spotlight pointed at me who was guiding me because there was darkness continued the mother of Adelaide.  She then see the scum. I had to ask Ada to 5 m, 2 m, in any case, she had to be buried immediately. (. . . ) I talked to him, I asked forgiveness. (. . . ) I do not know how long I stayed there, to ask forgiveness, to speak to him and then I turned the heels and I ran can be also read in Le Parisien. .

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